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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) –- The Retail Tracker Managing Partner Mark Friedman and Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns focus on which retailers will win this holiday season and which ones will struggle in “On The Markets” on Bloomberg Television’s “Money (Source: Bloomberg)


We sent over a list of the winners and losers of the struggling companies.

Which retailers are going to, this tally see the best this holiday season?

Macy's. they continue to partner with key players out there to add nuances to their stores such as finish line and lids.

Dick's sporting goods have really done well in the c older weather,. . ross's is doing well in the off rice store =---- price stores.

Best buy, a stock i would not would be -- i thought would be priced out by amazon, why is it on your list?


They are able to go in and match the pricing.

If you bought in-store, or if you bought online, but act up and store, they gave you some kind of bounce back to come back into the stores between december 8 through the 24th to spend even more money.

They knew by getting people in the stores not only with a match this price of the specific item, but more people would be doing the shopping there.

Edited -- a strategy that seems to be working for them.

The trends have been tough, they have not been able to get rid of all of their inventory.

Sweaters and sweatshirts are 50% off.

We're a little bit impacts i nordstrom -- are plucked i perplexed i nordstrom.

We had a story recently about a phenomenon i have never heard about, higher earners that are not yet rich.

They will be spending less this holiday season.

That may hit nordstrom less than macy's -- more than macy's. it is a little bit early to say they have the right strategy, but they taking some of the things that ron doesn't put in place from a branding concept and provide -- combining that with the promotions to drive business back into the stores.

The stores look better, the staff has an energy about them, and we're seeing shopping bags from jcpenney's around the mall.

Thank you.

We will be back on the markets

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