Holiday Season a Huge Sweat for Wal-Mart: Corlett

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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Candace Corlett, president at WSL Strategic Retail, examilnes expectations for the holiday shopping season and how important it is to Wal-Mart, especially this year, as the retailer cut its profit forecast for a second time this year while reporting third-quarter results. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


How does america shop today versus 20 years ago?

Well, two thirds of shoppers still go through walmart every quarter.

And many of them are in their two times a week.

What is the sweat in bentonville, right now -- do they start on tuesday?

What is the black anyway anymore?

The holiday season is a huge sweat for walmart.

But they are firing on all angles.

They are really doing some smart things.

Is doing smart thinking, is a unit-based or something that will not come down to the revenues and earnings?

It is topline based.

As i said, all topline.

And you are seeing that.

They are out-of-the-box first.

They know their shoppers just have a limited budget to spend, and the way to get that budget is to be out there first.

So, november 1, well before -- people wait for the gifts.

There are gifts and also gives for me.

They wait for the season to get their tv and new computer.

The season with the best sales.

Peaking of tvs and computers, walmart came out with a black friday guarantee.

Any of the items will be in stock guaranteed -- if a sellout in the first hour walmart gives you a guarantee card and ship it to you before christmas.

This is a company that had a lot of difficulty keeping stuff on its shelves.

Does it me walmart has turned things around?

That is what i meant by really paying attention to every set her.

They knew they angered shoppers.

They were furious.

You stand on line, you are there at 6:00 in the morning.

They knew they would be able to make shop first happier if they -- shoppers happier.

And avoid some violence.

On the other side they are announcing every couple of hours a new sale.

I am just anticipating bedlam in the stores.

You are so iconic about how we shop -- this wonderful phrase, how america shops.

We observed the last 24 months with the sell side on wall street -- stock chart to the moon, ralph lauren, they have gone straight up.

Is there something new in retail?

The affluent are feeling really confident.

They are not at walmart.

It is the middle group that is tough.

Stan collender -- weigh.

Everyone in congress shops at her doors.

Is there an after christmas season that is important?

A lot of people waiting for after holiday sales.

I think it is less important because there are so many terrific sales right now starting in november and going through december.

Budgets are just about then.

We are still talking a lot about black friday and after christmas.

Can you come back for the

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