Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choice: To Run or Not to Run

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June 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jonathan Allen previews “Hard Choices,” Hillary Clinton’s new memoir. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Advance copy.

Tell me what you think.

Here it is, all 600 pages.

It is diplomatic care that is the best way to describe it.

This is hillary clinton trying to get out there and say something about her time as secretary of state that allows her to bring in some of the traditional democratic insurgencies without alienating any of them, without alienating any in the middle.

And attending 00 and-- and attending to distancing herself from president obama.

She did mention the early taliban talks for army sergeant bergdahl.

She said the u.s. initially rejected releasing the taliban fighters for the prisoner swap.

How did that change?

I think what she was saying in the book.

She wrote the book before this happens.

And it was off to the publisher.

She cannot really get a mulligan there.

What happened was she wanted to see certain conditions.

I think the trade was made without a lot of the conditions having been there appears to saying that is a noble desire to ring back bergdahl.

She's trying not to get in.

That will be important for her to be on record having said that.

Given the outcry.

Seeing -- speaking of which, they race $200 million in 10 months for the foundation endorsement.

Does that give us any insight into whether that will happen is that happen?

It'll be very difficult for her husband to raise money.

They can work in perpetuity.

John allen, thank you so much.

That is it for today's edition of "street smart"."

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