Here's Why the U.S. Economy Will Take Off in 2014

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Chart Attack," RBC's Jonathan Golub and Bloomberg's Adam Johnson take a look at why the U.S. economy may take off in 2014. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for chart attack, we we have a couple of charts that will make you smarter.

You are an unapologetic bull, and you have a couple of ch arts.

The first one talks about the direction of the economy, which has been really weak.

The economy has been going at about half the pace of their covering for four years in.

What it does is it eats the fed printing money, and buying bonds, and he keeps the fed engaged.

What you want to see is an upturn in that weak economy.

We are beginning to see that.

That is dramatic.

Our recovery, it is way below trend, if you look at the other recessions we have seen.

Quick it is the worst recession since the great depression, and the weakest recovery on top of that.

It is week off the nolow point, and that is why the fed is printing money.

You have a little bit of a crystal ball into the future.

You're looking at isn data, and extrapolating what it means for gdp?

You want to find some thing that tells you where the world is going, and isn leaves the general economy by about four to six months.

What you see is that the last i've isn readings have been really strong, which tell you that you have an economy that is going to look between now and june that is going to pop up.

Isn manufacturing is artie started to turn up, whereas gdp is still right now -- rented we found out that gdp and third quarter was 3.6%. we are doing better.

This past gdp was a bit of a

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