Here’s Why MobileIron Delayed Their IPO

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June 12 (Bloomberg) -- MobileIron President and CEO Bob Tinker discusses the company’s delayed IPO on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” Elevation Partners Co-Founder Roger McNamee also speaks. (Source: Bloomberg)

All, why wait?

And why stop waiting?

The enterprise mobility market is a massive market that is happening right now.

Mobile iron's execution adding 6400 customers in four years and growing -- growing over $409 and four years, the company is ready.

-- and growing over $400 million in four years, the companies ready.

The business and the market was ready.

Let's talk about that.

I don't really care about the trading.

I care about the company behind it.

When you are having a deal like this, do you have to be concerned about another quarter and getting out before that hassle, which might delay things, change things, or mccue forced -- force you to make some changes in your plan?

Not at all.

Particularly with enterprise mobility.

You change or document any meet your investors and it is time to become a public company.

We are thrilled to become a public company today.

Bob, roger mcnamee here.

Congratulations on the ipo.

Help me understand a corporation that you are doing business with.

The focus is to get employees to have access to corporate data using smart phones and tablets.

Tell me what the apps are that they are most focused on now, and how you think that is going to evolve in the next year.


In the early days of enterprise mobility, the primary app was e-mail, frankly.

People wanted device choice.

They wanted apple, google, windows, but it was really about e-mail.

What is happening now is it is becoming about rolling out mobile apps, or being able to access quicker document.

People want to be productive in the way they want to be on a mobile device of their choice.

And the mobile apps but they are doing now are apps related to crm, customer relationship management.

Asked related to improving customer service.

Yard p applications that help businesses -- erp applications that help businesses run better.

We actually have one large swiss company that rolled out over 100 applications to their employees in one quarter alone.

Bob, i recognize is a huge opportunity.

One of the things i'm confused by, though, is right now it cost to about $.65 of sales and marketing to generate one dollar of revenue.

I would have thought that in a category like this, margins would be a lot more favorable to you, because of the urgency companies feel to get mobile first.

Yet we don't see that in the p&l. when is that going to change?

If you look at the mobile line business is mobile iron business, we have added it thousand customers -- if you look at the mobile iron business, we have added 6000 customers last four years.

We are a very high gross margin business, 80%. as we reported in our s-1 documents, our early customers -- and we started selling in 2010 -- our early customers have expanded to become very profitable for us.

Customers start small, but then we make them successful and they grow.

And typically, how are customers expand five x over a three-year time frame.

That is what drives our marketing -- market ability for the are the marketing costs going to come down?

We don't provide statements like that, but when we have a large, fast-growing market like this and you look at our past track record, our business is in good shape.

Look at him.

A couple of hours in the market and he talks about this -- talked like the ceo of a public

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