Here’s Why Apple Wants to Buy Beats

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May 12 (Bloomberg) -- Former eMusic CEO Adam Klein discusses the online music business and why Apple wants to buy Beats Electronics on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Or is it just buying up the competition to circle the wagons?

It has to be at the party.

They have to have a forceful streaming presence.

It is the dominant format.

It is the labels point of view.

For them to build it would take too long.

We went from buying albums to downloading songs streaming.

What is the future?

We saw a dip in digital sales which was a real wake-up call i do think streaming is now one of the accepted formats of the younger generation.

It is a question of my paying?

Is it free like youtube?

Some advertising.

I expect more sponsorship dollars and programming and things of that nature.

Can you define streaming.

I can buy products off of itunes.

That is not what this debate is about.

You would be buying a track or album that would shift into your metairie -- into your memory bank.

Spotify, pandora, whatever.

Pandora is a radio product and a program and put out what they think is a good playlist, a good selection.

This is what you want to listen to, what you put together.

Most streaming services have a discovery component.

You can look for a genre.

I like this artist, what else is like that?

-- what else is like that?

In the middle of this story i forgot what the song was about.

I listen to two or three other songs listening -- other songs off of youtube as opposed to buying it.

Can i be as hip as bob kerrey?

There is only one bob kerrey.

We are squeezing the artists.

Artists are getting paid less and less.

You have seen commercialization's, advertising.

There are some streaming services that specialize another john or special interest of that nature.

You have seen the huge growth of alive, the huge growth of concerts.

That is where they will make money.

It is also an opportunity.

I went to marcella says program.

They introduced a 10-year-old kid who played the canopy.

He got introduced to the world as a consequence of streaming, not as a consequence of going to a record or digital label.


dre comes out pretty well . here is how dr.

Dre, who the self-proclaimed billionaire hip-hop just artist, is spending his money.

It has been featured in architectural digest for its family-friendly features.


dre put in an offer us and as it came onto the market.

When tom and gisele go -- when tom and gisele have a fight they each go to the opposite wing of the house?

Clock's north side versus southside.

Thank you so much.

Tension escalate in eastern

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