Here’s Where to Find the World’s Best New Hotels

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May 1 (Bloomberg) -- Conde Nast Traveler Editor-In-Chief Pilar Guzman discusses the worlds best new hotels on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Challenges ahead as she tries to revamp the magazine and lead the digital push.

Joining me is conde nast traveler's editor in chief.

Last year the hot list had 154 hotels in this year it has 33 hotels.

Is this because the hotels were not up to snuff or have you raised the bar?

I think it is definitely we wanted to narrow the filter a little bit.

I think people want fewer choices.

And list choices make you feel like we are not checking the filter enough.

There were a lot that did not make the cut but -- but were still great.

A lot of people asking whether conde nast traveler will be keeping the truth in travel moniker.


The ideas we have stringers all over the world and we are in getting fed bits of news all the time.

I think we are keeping with the digital age.

We are following contributors on social media and culling from them.

It is just a different age in which we get information, not just from travel journalists but our network of contributors.

We had a great cover in march.

You used a close-up of christy turlington in the foreground with a travel landscape reflected in her eyes and what is the cover saying?

Take a look.

We are different these days.

We are invaded with -- you get snapshots from your friends and facebook all the time and everything is looking the same.

I think the idea was to really turn heads and say, sometimes, traveler sometimes a dream state.

It is not always being on location and walk-in the streets but dreaming about your next trip.

You can see the dream of her next trip, reflected in her lenses.

What you think will be the biggest changes under your tutelage?

What i was talking about before, the idea we are culling from a world of contributors, people with identified as somebody's whose sensibilities we share, and tapping into it on the ground, eyes and ears on the ground, which is something we were not able to do pre-digital age.

I think now it is just about drawing from the network.

We spent a lot of time at bloomberg talking about how you create content differently for different mediums.

Whether a feature-length piece in a magazine or for a digital audience.

Where are you focused?

Both, everywhere.

I think the idea -- i feel a magazine like this is here to stay because i do -- we do want to lean back experience with print and you get to touch it and smell it and green -- dream about it.

And when you are on the ground and you want to know where to get a bowl of noodles in the middle of tokyo, and i have an hour, that is when you want it on mobile.

"conde nast traveler" is an interesting publication and we hear about the subscription model.

Yours thrives on newsstands.

Newsstand has never been our bread-and-butter, but circulation is really where we shine and we kept our subscription base that he all of these years.

Of the advertisers you have been working with, are they still in -- interested in advertising in print or using digital?

All advertisers across conde nast -- everybody wants a portfolio.

They want to be in print, digital, they want to be part of what is next.

Where is the growth?

Is the appetite other for international trips, certain types of experiences, domestic travel?

Is travel get easier and cheaper, the airbnb's, it it is democratized.

People want to be -- newfoundland and also they want to be here.

America is having a big moment.

So many second cities that have been overlooked are now front and center.

What is your favorite hotel on the list?

You know, that fogu ireland is amazing.

It is in newfoundland.

It is gorgeous to look at.

It is up on stilts, the remote regions of the universe.

Sounds like a dream.

I have to check it out.

Editor in chief of "conde nast traveler." thank you so much.

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