Here’s the Lowdown: This App Organizes Your Life

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July 4 (Bloomberg) –- Lowdown CEO David Senior discusses his mobile first business service that automates business meeting information and organizes your personal life. He speaks to Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

How it works.

Does it really, could it really save that much time?


What is the idea?

Low-down is a business service that automates meeting information in the context of a business meeting.

People typically prepare for meetings by going to different websites, mobile app services.

If you have three meetings per day, it can take an hour per meeting to prepare.

What low-down does is automate the preparation in an instant and beautifully prevents it.

It saves me from having to go from linkedin to city services, twitter to check all of the behind-the-scenes social media information about the people who will be at the meeting and how to get there.

From the young exec to the season ceo, we can all relate to being anxious going meeting to meeting.

To relieve those, people prepare so they feel confident and ready.

If you haven't got time, you weighing it.

What low-down does is it makes you feel more confident and ready for those meetings.

Is that it?

They can now focus on less mundane activities, searching data laboriously.

How can you be sure that route planning -- i, for one, spend time planning a route.

Then i argue with the suggested route and come up with my own route.

We waste time.

How can you be sure that the route suggested is the right one?

On a digital device or web-based device, people typically use google maps or other major mapping services.

We access the digital mapping services available today, the same service that you use in your car or mobile device.

That is just one section of low-down.

What is the business model?

We are free for 30 days, that it is five pounds per month subscription service.

We have two weeks rolling live, real-time information from meeting to meeting.

After 30 days, that reverts to two meetings, your current and next meeting, and then the subscription service which is the ina-pp purchase.

And every two weeks it's updated.

What does that mean?

Its real-time information.

Other competing services access databases to gather information.

They are quickly out of date.

What low-down does is real-time access to freely available, publicly available information from the internet and presents it instantly.

You are a london-based business.

You are not just selling this in london.

It is available globally on the app store as of two weeks ago.

We find that the early adopters are in major metropolitan areas -- london, new york, sanford cisco, ottawa, major metropolitan cities.

-- san francisco, ottawa, major metropolitan cities.

There was a wonderful movie about an operating system, artificial intelligence, which runs the lead character's life that he falls in love with.

That is sent to you.

Is this the next level?

, sort of the scarlett johansson-type a.i.? that is a kind of association you might like.


We are a step over google.

People habitually go to google to get information.

We're saying in the context of a business meeting, you don't have to do that.

It is done for you.

It is kind of like siri on the iphone when you ask it a question.

It is focused on one specific task, non-sentient meaning it does not have its own logic.

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