Here’s Radio’s Plan to Keep Custody of Your Ears

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May 13 (Bloomberg) -- Cumulus Media Chairman, President and CEO Lewis Dickey discusses radio in a digital world on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci also speaks. (Source: Bloomberg)

Radio will continue to survive and thrive.

Is there not less and less money he made in radio?

I do not know if profits are down.

Radio is going through a renaissance right now.

Advertisers are looking for four things as they buy time today.

One is scale.

As the package indicated, nine out of 10 americans, and that is, when nails all the way to boomers, listen to free local broadcast radio every week.

The second thing is local activation.

Paul may have alluded to that in the package as well.

Advertisers are looking for local activation.

How do they drive people into their stores and create traffic?

That is what radio does.

The third thing is social.

We know how important social media has become in this country.

Radio was the original social media.

The fourth thing is mobile.

Radio is mobile very back to social, it is a recommendation engine.

When this doc is gone and advocate on behalf of a client, they are a trusted source and a drive traffic.

Radio's pitch to advertisers him a you give us a dollar and we will turn it into six.

That is impressive.

What advertisers like to see in addition to everything just said, is real-time data and metrics.

That is conversion rates, consumer habits.

All the stuff the internet does really well.

Streaming services do that really well and that is what advertisers are looking for in addition to everything said here that is where radio needs to catch up.

I agree with that.

You see now with the ability to start to measure real time, i think what nielsen is doing after the acquisition of arbitron, they will in essence create an end to and platform that grass people.

That study actually showed a 6-1 return, which is very strong.

There will always be a one-many advertising platform out there.

Think about the super bowl.

Radio reaches, as the package said, over nine intent evil in the country every single week.

It is very important.

I know you're trying to build your media empire and dominate the media lance and from your base in atlanta.

You want to take your country music brands into print, television, social, digital, mobile, everywhere.

How is that going?

Very well.

The company strategy is centered around a horizontal strategy and it is our owned and operated broadcast platform fueled by our network which reaches about 10,000 radio stations across the country.

On top of that, because the space is widening, we have a deal in ownership stake in an excellent streaming platform so we could pick up the other side.

Vertical side, you mentioned nash.

This is where we go after an audience segment.

It is fans of country music in this case.

It is about a quarter of the adult population.

People like country music.

The question i have for you is, what is the industry doing over connected cars?

It was just announced gm will offer a plan for wi-fi service in cars.

Is the radio industry going to do anything to fight back?

I do not think we want to fight that there there will be safety concerns and automakers are aware of that, but a lot of this is to get data and services into the car.

There will always be an fn nam tuner in the cars.

People want to hear the content because it is their local trusted content.

That is what they have grown up with.

Thank you.

We will be back.


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