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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Alexis Ohanian, co-founder at, discusses what it takes to make it in the booming tech economy in the United States, the new attitude of start-ups and his efforts to spread the internet revolution across the country. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Made, not managed, outside of silicon valley.

Am i going to be looking at a bunch of twitter startups?

Is this what that is pointing to?

The internet economy is alive and well.

What is exciting is that if you want to change the world during the industrial revolution, you need to open a factory.

If you want to change it during the internet revolution, you only need to open a laptop.

Doesn't that create a lot of bubbles and sustainability issues?

The advantage we have is that the cost of starting these companies is a fraction of what it was 10 or 15 years ago.

The biggest expenses are rent and food.

Server costs are a distant third.

It doesn't take as much to start these companies.

When they do fail, the fallout is not as big.

What is your biggest use of advice to people that want to start businesses?

Everyone says don't be afraid to fail.

The bigger thing is to identify a genuine need and try to solve it.

It seems evident, but online, you cannot create something and then smother everyone in advertising.

You have to build something compelling or people will go back to cat photos.

I like those cat photos.

What is the endgame?

We're seeing a lot of tech startups reject buyouts.

You had snapchat reject a $3 billion offer from facebook.

What does it look like two years down the road?

There will be companies like snapchat the resist acquisition and will want to grow into a large business.

Is that dumb?

I thought zuckerberg was when he turned down yahoo!, and look to the idiot was.

That was me.

There is an opportunity for these companies to grow into the next google or the next facebook.

That is a choice the founders have to make.

Acquisition is a viable alternative.

Growing a large company is the dream -- what does it mean to be the president of the internet?

You are a bus tour in john mccain's straight talk express.

We were shooting a documentary and we wanted to shut off the internet economy in the heartland.

After sopa, pipa, i wanted to draw attention to the fact that the internet economy is everywhere.

Farmers were saying i don't check my e-mail more than three times a week.

I am not a tech guy.

90% of my orders now come from the internet thanks to a marketplace for meat.

Are they profitable?

I would wager that because they have been seeking revenue since day one, it is not about tweets and cat photos.

They have a business model and it is affecting family farmers all over the country.

That is exciting.

That is the promise of

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