How Obamacare Impacts College Hunks Moving Junk

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Stephen Bienko, owner of College Hunks Moving Junk, discusses how his company is handling the impact of the Affordable Care Act. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

We got a lot of request to come in with their shirts off.

That has nothing to do with the company obviously.

What does the affordable care act due to your business cap coax rex not just my business but a lot of small businesses that employs 42 million people.

The u.s. chamber of commerce came out with a report that 41% have already cut employees hours to reduce the number of hours worked.

Do you cut or are you going to joint venture things out to get around the law?

I will do both.

I have already begun to reduce employee hours.

That is the way you have to do it.

The mandate, the delay does nothing for us.

We have to plan ahead.

Have you figured out the cost per employee if you do not do what you are doing?

What is the number?

2500 per employee.

Hominy and employees do you have?

-- how many employees do you have?

Are they all affected by this or separate pay units?

They are under my main entity, which puts us over the limit.

What do your employees want?

Do they prefer to work our time to remain freelancers?

In my line of work, they come in wanting to work hard time.

While they get their they find this mission in life that now i want to work full-time, start enjoying more things.

I want more money and opportunities and will want to go up to full-time status, but with this affordable care act, we are going to start reducing fat.

Keeping it at 36 hours per week.

Do you offer health care?

We do.

If not for the affordable care act, would you be making these people full-time workers and paying health care?

If it were not for the affordable care act, we would make them full time 36 plus hours per week.

One of the things is changing the full-time status to 36 hours.

That not only affects the financial mom but with it and -- the financial realm but it changes the hours.

Neil a richardson -- neila richardsonw ith with us.

A lot of people in washington care about the effect of small businesses.

It seems like in your business you are able to make the trade- off between part-time and full- time workers, and many him for use coming into the game working full-time at.

Not all businesses can do that and not all would be willing to sunset growth to avoid regulation.

That becomes a major problem of even thinking about spending growth.

We are the ones that have created this nation.

We employ the most in this country.

Small business wal-mart, 2.2 billion employees.

This is completely removed for them.

Which medical plan should washington focus on, the cadillac bands for big companies or focus on small businesses?

You have to do both.

Walmart would tell you that, too.

At least that's what i think.

What would you like to see from elected officials?

I would like to see the elected officials stop being partisan.

Our constituents must look at each one of us, each one of our small businesses as if they were their own.

They have to stop looking at the next vote.

They had to come together.

They had to meet on a bipartisan double to figure out what is the best thing for our nation.

We got to grammar school and we won because we were bigger.

Then we got to high school and started winning because we have entered training.

We got to college and started winning because we have more opportunity.

Now we are in the process.

We are not succeeding as a pro athlete right now as a nation.

We are in a stall mate.

The majority of it is because we are mentally becoming weaker.

We will have you back.

College hunks with us.

David strasser with jimmy montgomery scott.

The forex report, let's look at it.

A lot moving in the markets today.

Michael mckee looking at sterling.

Stronger sterling.

Yen as well.

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