How Auto Execs Feel About Tesla's Direct-Car Sales

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Betty Liu reports on how auto executives feel about Tesla’s direct-sales model. Liu speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In the last hour, we had a special report on tesla motors dealer destruction.

It is very clear how most car dealerships feel about tesla stepping in on their turf.

We went to the top executive of car companies to find out what they think about musk's disruption in their industry.

We see all the car companies, which are producing electric cars, not so much as competitors but as contributing to something that we think is unavoidable at the level of the car industry, so we welcome competition, and we think the more competition there is, the more there will be popularization, adaptation to the market of electric cars.

The tesla is basically one car, one model that has to be sold.

It is interesting when you take a look at what is happening.

In order for new technologies to become accepted in the marketplace, they do need a different distribution method.

With the tesla, there is no use market for it.

There is no repair business for it.

Oh so for it to go through the normal dealership channel, there's not enough profit, and also there is not enough all you.

So you can understand why they want to go this way.

Just selling the product does not differentiate you from others.

We believe that our network has a very strong contribution, added value to our brand.

Maybe tesla has got it right that is going to take something as dramatic as revolutionary as what he is trying to do to try to get a compromise.

I do not think it is either/or.

I think it is in today's digital world, you want to have option

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