Ukraine Accord Is a Good Step: Former Amb. Herbst

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- John Herbst, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, examines the Ukraine government response to Russia. He speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Thank you for your time tonight.

The accord is contingent upon cooperation from russia to help calm the situation in the eastern part of the country.

Will that cooperation be forthcoming, in your opinion, given that the u.s. has accused moscow of inciting the violence?

We don't know.

Obviously, the accord is a good step, but the key is whether it will be implemented.

This tour putin is certainly responsible for the turmoil in eastern ukraine.

It is his special forces soldiers who are stirring it up.

This accord calls for all of the separatists to give up the buildings and installations they have captured from ukraine authorities.

We will know in two or three days whether or not the russians and their allies are carrying out the attacks.

If they are not carried out, then the accords will be meaningless.

There was a veiled threat today from russian president vladimir putin in a televised question-and-answer session in moscow.

He was asked about rejecting russian speakers in eastern ukraine and he responded, "we will fight for this." the federation council gave him the right to use military force in ukraine and he said, i hope very much i don't have to use it.

What do you make of this?

He has been saying this for the last six to eight weeks, so it is nothing new.

Hopefully, he made that comment in order to disguise his retreat in the agreement in geneva.

Alternatively, suppose the agreement is something he has no intention of implementing -- and again, we will know in a couple of days if he is serious.

If the separatists backed by russia or led by russia remain in the government installations in eastern ukraine, we will know that the putin government was just making the agreement today on good faith.

In that case, we will proceed accordingly.

Despite the derision in moscow at the sanctions, western sanctions have had a real impact and putin would prefer there not be more western sanctions.

The russian foreign minister also spoke to reporters today.

He said the ukrainians themselves must resolve this crisis.

Does a government who believe their leaders are under siege have a responsibility as an ordering its troops to defend their territory to ease tensions through diplomacy?

I think the ukrainian government right now has shown great restraint.

The only reason there is violence in eastern ukraine is because of agents sent in by the kremlin.

And i'm certain the authorities in ukraine are happy with the terms of the agreement today, but they want to make sure that those are, in fact, implement it.

And again, that is entirely on mr.


Defense secretary chuck hagel said the u.s. will provide nonlethal military aid to ukraine.

But what if russia ignores sanctions and condemnation?

Then what happens?

Is there a line that if when crossed, would prompt military supplies to ukraine?

I agree with senator mccain, that we should has sent lethal military supplies, antitank, and night vision goggles long ago.

I suspect if russia ups the ante with its aggression, there will be increased pressure on the obama administration just -- to do just that.

You believe some of that legal aid -- lethal aid should have been sent long ago.

What would be be in the conflict if that had happened?

Would we be in worse shape?

I think we would be in better shape.

It is very clear that if mr.

Wooten wants to, he can seize parts of ukraine.

Providing weaponry to the military in ukraine would increase the cost to the kremlin of aggression.

Not because this will make the ukrainian army able to withstand the russian army.

We have about a minute left.

What about other countries in the region?

What might their strategy be if the geneva accord does not result in any progress and russia makes what the international committee considers to be expansionist moves?

There are three things that the west should be doing.

I have already mentioned one, which is to provide literary equipment -- military equipment.

Number two, if the separatists after a few days remain in control of ukrainian installations.

And three, there has been some redeployment of nato access to the eastern members, to the pulse -- baltic states, to poland.

It should be much larger if

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