Herbalife to Nominate Three More Icahn Candidates

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March 24 (Bloomberg) -- Herbalife agreed to nominate three people proposed by billionaire Carl Icahn to its board in a sign of “shared confidence” in the nutrition and weight-loss company’s prospects. Bloomberg’s Duane Stanford reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance. (Source: Bloomberg)

Ackman and his bet against the company?

Duane stanford joins us from at lanta.

People thought that he would come in and take his money off the table.

This sounds like he is in for the long haul.

People wonder whether he will join with other manufacturers and take the company private.

So far, what has happened is that he is digging in more as ackman digs in and he will end up with five for board seats on a 15 person board.

With this investigation going on, we will be at this for a while longer.

Bill ackman famously shorted the stock.

He lost a lot of money and retraced his steps.

He is now close to breaking even on his wager against herbalife.

The big news of late is that they are asking questions of our herbalife.

They have launched an investigation.

Bill ackman alleges that the company is a pyramid scheme and defrauding customers.

Or will they give a slap on the wrist or will not happen?

With all of that uncertainty, people are unsure.

It could last six months to a year.

The stock has taken a pounding.

It is giving ackman breaking even -- one way to test whether icahn is sincere is whether he will invest in the company's product.

If he thought it was legitimate, he would see an amazing investment opportunity.

I know a little bit about this company.

Watch what they do and multilevel marketing.

They will not find anything wrong with him.

-- them.

They do a multilevel marketing like a lot of these companies do.

You think the revenue is legitimate?

I do.

There are bad apples like any company.

Their multilevel marketing and operating for many years.

They generate a lot of cash.

Carl icahn will come out ahead.

What is the quality of the auditing?

Well, they have had two major global auditors take a look at the company.

Bill ackman said that he did not believe they would come back clean, but they did.

He still alleges that perhaps they are not doing their job.

Others in the stock are watching and feel confident that these two large companies have looked at them and their global operations.

Piggy so much.

Jeff, let's continue with this conversation.

You say that ackman is wrong and it is a legitimate business.

Look at amway.

Why is herbalife not like amway?

They are all the same.

They're all related and have common dna in terms of the way they sell.

A lot of these multilevel bargaining companies sell the american dream out of the united states.

That is where their strength is.

What they do is have one person at the top.

You recruit more and the person at the top makes more.

It is a down the line.

That is where people think a ponzi scheme -- we go down to the days of amway.

Look it up.

That was brilliant.

Tupperware, mary kay --

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