Herbalife: Icahn's Long Trumps Ackman's Short

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior markets correspondent Julie Hyman tallies up the projected gains and losses in the battle over Herbalife between Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

The performance year to date has been pretty stellar.

We've seen a decline in the shares.

In part because nothing has emerged from regulators in terms of jumping on the allegations.

There have been several reports that the federal trade commission is looking into it but nothing concrete has emerged.

He revealed he was short 20 million shares, about a billion dollar bet is what he said in december of last year.

Said he was amassing the position in the prior eight months or so beforehand.

During that time the shares average 48.58 per share.

He has not revealed his exact short price, but that was the average at that point in time.

Carl icahn jumped in.

He came in in the winter, earlier this year.

He took opposite side.

It bought 18 -- bought about 17 shares.

There were options.

We have seen their shares the relatively volatile.

More recently they have taken off more substantially.

Look at the tally between them, the short position was up as much as $450 million at one point as the shares fell.

The value goes up as the shares go down.

Now it is traded at an estimated loss.

We do not know the exact level for which he shared -- shorted.

Icon is up $376 million on the long position.

-- icahn up $376 million on the long position.

He said recently that he likes the guy, like anyone who makes some this much money.

That is where the tally is right now.

Ackman has said in the past he has not covered the short.

He did also denied requests for comment on the present position of the shares and short position.

Carl icahn doing better than

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