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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) –- Founder of the Audience Oliver Luckett discusses how he helps celebrities connect directly with fans. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We are helping people express themselves inside of the internet.

Social media has become so important to everyone's daily lives.

If you are a celebrity, you want to put your best foot forward, or you also want to embrace fans and understand how to connect directly.

How do you do that?

People often think, if he helps with social media, he just gets you an extra 5000 followers.

It is more like a reality tv production company.

We are working with the entertainers to create this content.

These are complex systems.

We help them be the best inside of these systems.

Explained to me what that means.

You are like a reality tv what?

We are a new media company.

It is a complicated process when you are dealing with celebrities, the rights to images, the content they create, which platform is best.

We work directly with these markets.

We cannot publish anything without them involved.

In summer holder, a big tv celebrity, -- ian sommerholder, a big tv celebrity, exploded.

He cares about the environment, about animal rights.

He cares about people.

And he is super hot.

A good-looking man.

It is valentines.



Last month, he reached 58 million unique people inside social systems.

He is a media brand.

He is a company unto himself.

We carry great content with him.

We work with him to be inside of these platforms in a meaningful way.

He actually was not on facebook eight months ago.

He now has 9.2 million followers on facebook.

Some people think facebook is not what young, hip, interesting people use.

It is for people like me, stocking their ex-boyfriend.

Twitter, facebook, instagram.

What is the most valuable place to be?

The new exclusivity is ubiquity.

Being everywhere is extraordinarily important right now.

Everybody's habits are different.

I might like instagram.

You might like facebook.

The dark force -- dark horse in all of this is google plus.

I know nothing of google plus.

It has amazing tools.

If you take five photos in a row, they make an animated gift.

-- gif.

It is called auto awesome.

Google plus is in your daily life.

You just don't know it yet.

In curating celebrities, but is the risk that they are everywhere?

What if you have lindsay lohan everywhere, and doing something that does not go with the brand she wants to cure it?

-- curate?

We are very careful with the people we work with.

Positivity goes along way inside of these systems.

We work with people who get the joke.

They want to be embracing their fans.

They want to be part of the daily conversation.

A lot of celebrities do not want to do that.

I have sat in so many movie casting sessions, so many tv commercials.

The metrics in social media are now a defining value.

Why are you sitting in those castings?

Because they want to stack the cards in their favor.

They want to make sure the movie has organic distribution.

When we reach a billion unique people a month -- in the hot or not universe, you sit at the table and say, this person is going to connect socially.

Absolutely, in real time.

The numbers are much deeper than you think.

You only see the amount of likes that lady gaga has, or katy perry has.

If you start looking at the numbers on little deeper, you see people talking about this metric, or the real-time metric.

Although justin bieber might have 60 million fans, it does not mean they still love him.

It does not mean he is hot.

If you start leaning into the metrics, you can see who is trending, who is popular.

It is a very meaningful thing.

Are there brings you think is doing it right?

Everyone wants to be engaged in the super bowl, in the olympics.

There are brands we may or may not work with.

People doing it right are people like ford.

They are the cutting edge right now.



I do not want to speak for them, but they made the decisions of the super bowl.

It has not been publicly talked about, being around the super bowl, programming alongside the super bowl, but not necessarily in the super bowl.

And you mix those combinations of great storylines, and you mix that with a lot of people talking about that and influencing that, it makes a special moment.

You can reach hundreds of millions of people simultaneously.

You just made a very special music audio for the chain smokers.

Can you talk about this?

The beauty of the selfie is another project we do.

If you look at what is going on, this is really looking at -- it is kind of mocking, in some respects, the culture of entity.

-- of vitamin d. -- of vanity.

At the same time, it is a great guy full -- great song.

These guys are awesome.

It will celebrate this moment in history where self-expression is part of our culture.

How does the advertising industry feel about you?

Are you an innovator, or the man to collaborate with?

Hopefully, the person to collaborate with.

A few smart groups -- a few people really hate me and hate what we are doing, because we are disruptive.

This is a new business.

This is not, i sit in a room and they can at all and try to sell it to people.

-- and make an ad and try to sell it to people.

How do i connect with people?

How do i use the bright spots in the social graph as influencers?

How do i put them in position?

They are the new distribution.

We are trained to teach companies how to be publishers and not marketers.

Nobody wants to be told what to do.

When i get a promoted tweet, i block it immediately.

I do not like you to tell me what to buy.

If you are adding value to the equation, great utility or great value, great content -- we are at a music festival.

Why don't we post data of the traffic entrances?

That is adding value to the equation, giving someone something of value.

Great content will always win the battle.

The platforms will come and go.

But great storytelling is really what moves this game.

When it comes to celebrities you are working with, where is the line between being an endorser -- you have had celebrities endorsing products for decades.

How do you turn the corner with them and have those celebrities truly eat, drink, and sleep as products, and make me want them?

Beyonce, the stuff she is selling makeup i think she lives it.

She is awesome.

It is about -- these artists are in a right now.

There are upturns.

If you look at it right now, there is a new media business happening, and it has to involve rams.

If brands can give the ability for artists to create new art and be meaningful inside of these direct connections, it is extraordinarily valuable to our culture.

Our culture is propelled by this money, by these brands.

If you can take that money and turn it into art, that is valuable.

This new media business -- this man is at the center of all of it.

I have wanted to meet this guy for ages.

He is the founder of "the audience."

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