Heineken Expands to Myanmar, Ethiopia

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Now let's go to heineken, who reported earnings earlier today.

They posted a decline in profits, but remain positive on the outlook for 2014. they've tweed is in berlin.

I guess the market is responding well to this report, but talk to me about where to find a good news.

The good news is in the outlook.

You can see that reflected in the fact that we did see a bit of a jump in the share price.

For he .2% at one stage, the biggest gain in about a year.

The outlook is all based on their assessment for the global economic recovery, which they say is tended it -- tentative.

Compared to last year, they had a profit warning saying they were extremely concerned about the outlook for emerging markets.

This time around, they say that the global economic recovery should help them in the emerging markets.

I am talking particularly about africa, asia-pacific, and latin america.

He caught up with the chief financial officer a little earlier today and he was talking about mergers and acquisitions in latin america.

That is helping growth.

Also, organic growth.

They are moving into a new markets like myanmar, ethiopia.

Speaking of africa, he was positive generally on the continent.

We have made big acquisitions in latin america.

The beer business and more recently, the big move in asia-pacific by getting full control of asia-pacific breweries.

However, it is not only large consolidation.

It is also about organic growth.

You can see that we are building wheatfields.

We are entering myanmar.

We are expanding in countries like ethiopia.

The other area which is slightly optimistic is the fact that they are on track with their 629 million euro

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