15 Winning Stocks for the Rest of the Year

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “Insight and Action,” Adam Johnson looks at hedge funds on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Hedge funds have a problem that we have a solution.

Insight in action.

Take a look at the returns for the average hedge fund globally versus the s&p 500. 19.6%. the hedge fund index globally versus the s&p 500, 26 point four percent.

You're paying two and 20 in fees . the s&p 500, 26 and 24. this is the equity pool of hedge funds.

Look at all strategies together, it is less than that.

Hedge funds are not making a lot of money.

We have a solution.

Thanks to our friend's research, here is a solution.

Stemcells do the best in the first three quarters of the year tend to work again in december.

It is happening again this year.

All in the first nine months keep going especially in years like this when it is a strong bull market and a lot of hedge funds are lagging.

We have only got 20 days left to find the returns.

Here's what we did.

We start with the s&p 1500. large meeting and small-cap stocks.

All of them.

We determined there are only 35 that doubled through september.

They were the leaders doubling in price through september.

Then we found 15 of those.

These are the winners, these 15 out of 1500. just one percent and here they are.

Netflix on the list.

Tele-education, vox international.

Some of these names.

These are the winners.

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