Hedge-Fund Mgr Offers Banksy $100K for Sandy Help

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Volatility hedge-fund manager Nelson Saiers wants to make a $100,000 trade with Banksy, the British graffiti artist. Nikolaj Gammeltoft has more on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thanks he -- banksy, the well- known street artist, for what purpose?

? the anniversary -- to mark the anniversary of hurricane sandy.

Why this particular street artist?

He is known for popping up all over the globe, painting unsolicited works.

What is it about this match that makes the story unique?

Banksy has announced it he has a one-month stay in new york where he is performing arts all over the city.

He is nine days into that stay in the city.

He is obviously a well-known global artist.

He did the same thing in 2008 when he went to new orleans for a three-year anniversary event for hurricane katrina.

Ok, there are other celebrities.

John bon jovi comes to mind.

Bruce springsteen.

How is this different with an artist?

Versus a musician?

Banksy is very secretive about his identity.

The question is whether the hedge fund manager is able to reach out to him and get him to perform some kind of artwork in the city.

He did it in 2008, as i said, in new orleans, so maybe he will do the same thing.

Are mine does.

He pops up.

He creates these unsolicited pieces.

He is in english born artist.

What else do we know about him?

That is pretty much it.

We will take it then.

He is a filmmaker.

The funny thing is, he has all of these political themes in his art about capitalism and globalization, sort of fighting poverty.

Those things go well with the charity that nelson siers is going with, but it goes against him, being at the heart of capitalism in new york.

Well, sure, but they're all kinds of contradictions we live with.

Why is he involved with hurricane sandy?

He is talked about as one of the smartest guys on wall street.

I think he generally wants to donate some of the money he has been making in the market.

He's extremely talented.

He is using this banksy stay in the city combined with the one- year anniversary with sandy as a statement about giving back to new york and new jersey.

A really creative way to do it.

Great to see you.

Thanks for coming in to talk to us about it, joining us there on

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