How Gentherm Is Heating Up the Auto World

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Daniel Coker, president and CEO of Gentherm, discusses the company's heating components that are found in many of today's modern automobiles. He speaks with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

On your pickup truck.

The chief executive joins us, daniel coker.

Thank you for being here.

Two features that are high on the list of any auto buyers to do is they want heated seats, they want cooled seats, they want a heated steering wheel.

How did you come up with this idea?

We came up with the concept of using thermoelectric devices.

He wanted a market for device that conducted -- converted to electrical energy into thermal energy.

It draws in thermal air, heat and cools it and provides very quick time.

The eye of cars are very interested in comfort and convenience.

What about combustion?

When i talk about the combustion engine.

But we talked about earlier was being able to convert electrical energy into thermal energy.

The other is probably the seatback affect.

This is the ability to convert thermal energy into an electrical energy.

This uses more heat in terms of using the fuel for propulsion.

You said 70%. over 70% gets pushed out of the exhaust pipes.

In our view, that should be put to task.

We have devices that conversed the thermal energy into electrical power to take a load off the alternator and let the vehicle become more fuel efficient.

These are the early stages of testing.

We've had support from the department of energy and to key customers, ford motor company and bmw.

They are testing these to help us design.

Volkswagen, ford.

Can you tell us which has maybe a little difference?

Tell us about some of the big companies.

We deal with all of the car companies worldwide.

We have a very strong relationship with the key north american and german customers and we had a good building relationship with the asian customers.

All of the car companies are very interested in the next thing, the next technology.

As a technology company, it is our mission to provide those answers for them and work with them in a partnership to develop practical products.

Is impossible to use technology energy power devices such as smart phones, tablets, i'm sure you are familiar with the interior of the tesla, it is one large screen.

Power consumption in and on a keeps going up.

Many of the early applications will be diverging the power that we can produce into customer convenience items where you can recharge your iphone or your ipad as you drive without drawing power away from the engine.

The tesla does not have an internal combustion engine for us to recapture waste heat from.

It is a highly efficient vehicle.

Tesla is interest for us in terms of heating and cooling seats and providing creature comforts inside of the cabin.

What kinds of features are sort of science fiction right now that could be science fact in 12-24 months?

I think the concept of converting waste heat into electrical power is a very unusual concept and something that has been around for quite a while, since the early 1800's. i think when you see -- is this a breakthrough?

That scientists have been able to harness these effects and use them on a very basic level?

We have been able to design and build devices on a prototype level that have performed to modeling expectations.

We are targeting large-scale industrial applications to get some practical use and understanding out of this.

We have power generation devices for the oil and gas industry.

Oil pipelines run through some very friendly territories and they're not always available to the grid.

Each of these stations and control stations have to have a logical power from someplace.

We built and installed thermoelectric stations that provide electricity for these stations to be able to monitor, measure, and control the oil flow through the oil and gas fields.

That is one of the practical applications.

I want to thank you for spending time with me.

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