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July 31 (Bloomberg) –- Hearst Magazines President David Carey and Marketing President Michael Clinton discuss increasing advertising revenue, print innovation and investing in digital. They speak on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Economics of the magazine, but is it working?

Our purpose is unbound.

We believe we are the only major publisher committed to bringing the new print products every 24 months will stop but we are investing a great deal in digital.

We are upping advertising revenue and innovating in a dramatic way.

Let's upping advertising revenue?

Is you been able to prove to advertisers these second screens are the platforms where you need to be.

On twitter, "elle" magazine is clever.

It's a whole separate editorial.

Our bricks and mortar business -- the number is the biggest september in that company's history.

Our fashion magazines are up 10% across-the-board.

We have social media and television with the esquire network and we have branded products, 17 products in jcpenney.

We have a media brand ecosystem and everyone loves the print product.

That is where it all starts.

But who are these people who still loved friend?

They are rabid consumers.

We are trying to innovate and do exciting things with them.

We just did in the august issue of "mary claire" zips right down and opens up.

Guess is the advertiser.

Fax -- yes is paying to be your cover sponsor?

Inside -- there has never been an inside and you found a completely separate -- we have found ways -- we have two covers and there's a great rap done by an advertiser.

Getting the reader excited in flint -- in print innovation.

Some people might say it's a great idea.

Others might say it's the most shameless thing i've seen in a magazine.

But it's actually not on the cover.

It is inside the cover, so here's a great execution inside the cover.

What we do is retain the integrity of the cover image but the advertiser gets to participate in a fun execution.

Make no mistake -- you will find ads elegantly appear on the cover of magazines as they appear on the cover of newspapers, trade media and billboards when you turn into a cable channel, and that's perfectly fine.

Why does it take so long to get there if it's fine?

If i picked up the "new yorker" there's no ad there and it might take a while before we see ads on the cover of the new yorker.

Us because people think it's sort of a sacrosanct space.

Who thinks that?

It is a great question.

If you go to the reader and we talk about this all the time -- consumers today are savvy about what is content and what is advertising.

Whether it is television of the web or an ad on the front page of the "new york times" they know that the image is the pure content.

Readers love it.

They play with the interactivity and get a deeper brand message.

Do you run the risk you end up a catalog?

If i pick up cosmo or mary claire, i want to know joanna coles is giving me her editorial decision.

Consumers are consuming media were content and commerce live side-by-side.

You have to be transparent, so it is clear for mary claire what is an ad and what is content.

Digital has led the print is missed to innovate.

You will see native advertising in print and i think it's going to be great.

One thing i would add is in wife style magazines, and you talk about fashion, advertising is red like content.

When you pick up the fat september issues of "mary claire" and we have fashion in a box -- it's the a guest set number issue in the history of our company.

The brands are saying as much as the editors are saying.

Separate discussion, but they want to read the new product gucci is having for the fall.

That's what is a better is this from a probability standpoint?

Digital or print?

Print is the economic foundation of the company.

Both are important.

In the last five years, our new magazines plus this'll count for 30% of our office of the magazine company.

These are businesses that did not exist a few years ago or were using money.

For us to grow our company at the level we want, we need our business to grow and we need art to chill business to grow.

Very cool and

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