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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Alex Nussbaum discusses the new deadline for enrollment on He speaks with Cory Johnson Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome back.

We have some breaking news.

A key deadline has been extended for americans looking to sign up for health care.

The deadline extended to midnight tomorrow.

This is just crossing for health care coverage effective january 1. it is supposed to be today.

Heavy website traffic prompted the extension.

A reporter has been covering this for some time in our new york studio.

This is something of a surprise.

That is right.

Another day.

Another obamacare change.

It extended its so people can sign up until the end of the day tomorrow.

This comes after they had extended the deadline from december 15 two the 23rd.

They announced they would get people extra days to pay their bills.

They are doing everything they can as high as they can.

That sounds only like a good thing.

Is there something that is less than a silver lining in the cloud?

Of course you're going on about who will be helped and he will not be by the affordable care act.

The concern for insurers right now is that the administration has made a number of rule changes i can make it easier for some people to delay or not even signed up.

Last week a said they would let some people whose plans are being canceled because they do not meet the affordable care act requirements, they will let them take a pass on the mandate.

The concern is that you are going to discourage people who are younger and healthier produce fewer medical claims from signing up.

They really need those folks to balance out the older, sicker group was expected to flood into the system.

The website, how is it performing on this latest deadline?

It seems to be performing fairly well.

The administration said they are seeing very high volume.

No surprise as we near this deadline.

We are not seeing the adages, the brig downs as far as we know that you were seeing in october and november.

When they declared this fix, they said they could handle up to 50,000 simultaneous users.

They appeared to be at least to this point which is why they say they are extending the deadline.

Fundamentally, this is a contract between the consumer and the insurer.

Is the inflexibility the law in the white house or the insurers themselves?

The insurers are reluctant to make too many changes.

They are very concerned about the technical aspects of this.

Mark was speaking at a conference a couple of weeks ago.

He said this has to work right away.

They get the blame if it does not.

And she needs medicine for her baby, she finds out she cannot get it.

Even though she thought she had signed up for health care.

Aetna perhaps gets the blame.

They are very worried about not only discouraging people or confusing people from signing up altogether but technically

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