Health-Care Enrollment To Reach 100K Sign-Ups

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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman discusses the rise in enrollment for Obamacare website. She speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

For november.

Julianna goldman joins us from washington.

What do the enrollment numbers look like now?

We could be seeing obamacare taking a turn for the better.

These are the beginning stages of potentially positive trends for the signature health care law.

We learned about 100,000 people signed up for the federal exchange through the federal exchange last month.

That was even as we had the team of contractors scrambling to get the site up and running by november 30. this was a big jump when you compare it to october with a fourfold increase.

That month only about 26,000 740 people signed up for the federal exchange.

Let's put it in perspective.

The white house was expecting 800,000 people to enroll the first few months in october and november.

They are still very far away from that goal.

They do think the trends are promising.

It could signal people are keeping an open mind about the laws.

It could mean they are ready to be patient with the problems, even though the president is being criticized from republicans and democrats.

This is according to a person familiar with the program's progress.

One thing this person told me is the administration hopes to see steady improvement in enrollment.

Most of the sign-ups will come around the end of march, early next year as they get closer to the march 31 deadline.

Afterwards, people would be facing penalties if they do not sign up for obamacare.

There is a big effort to get as many people as the white house wants signed up by then.

They want to get 7 million people enrolled.

The big issue is whether the site is not only working on the front end, but also on the backend.

The data being transmitted to insurers with information about subsidies and the like.

The white house spent the last six weeks focusing on making the front end user experience better.

Insurers are worried they will not make the backend process better.

The next deadline will be december 23. that is when people have to enroll in order to get insurance january 1. julianna goldman, thank you.

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