Hayzlett on Barra as GM CEO: It’s About Time

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Hayzlett reports on Mollenkopf being chosen as Qualcomm’s next CEO and the new class of female CEO’s. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

He is also a strategy consultant for a number of fortune 500 companies.

When the move here.

Across the board.

We are starting to see them get down to just a couple of candidates.

And microsoft's -- was qualcomm, you're saying people going back and negotiating.

He was mentioned, was he a real candidate?


He gets to stay in his own house.

Everything else.

This is not a good time of year to recruit someone in seattle.

San diego is looking really got.

I wonder what this looks like.

Paul jacobs and the board at qualcomm said you will not go.

We will do something to make that happen.

That is what has been going on with all of the other candidates as well.

At ford, they have had that conversation.

They have had more time with him.

What you'll see is that we are down to a horserace.

Would you say that microsoft is doing a poor job?

Should they have named somebody a while ago?

Is a big company and a big change.

They're really deciding what business we want to be when we grow up.

Are we a cash business or a transitional business or are we a growth business?

That takes a different kind of leader.

My belief is that it will come from inside.

He was brought in a couple of years ago.

We might see someone come in from outside and really do it.

Switching gears to another company.

Gm just named a new ceo.

You say it is just about time.


Most women would say that.

I think she is a good choice.

It will be interesting to see what she can do.

I think that they actually organize the new team.

They have been put in her spot and taken over the old spot.

When a sharp individual.

She does not have a background in marketing.

Tell me about marketing in the car industry today and what rolled up lays.

She did have a role in marketing.

In gm, that is their line.

They may have a more traditional role.

It is about the product and developing the product.

That is where you see the marketing at gm.

They have made major switches.

They have the design team beefed up.

They're up 25%. quickly, would your advice change for a woman ceo versus a man ceo?

Not from a business perspective.

From a politics perspective, without question.

I looked around to see if they listed her age.

I can only find it in a couple of leases.

That kind of stuff goes on.

We want to make sure she does not play those kind of games.

Thank you so much.

Host of the c suite right here on bloomberg television.

Coming up, we chew on the risks behind it quite.

Is it more of a threat than it

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