Having a Dog in NYC Costs More Than a Kid Elsewhere

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's James Tarmy compares the cost of having a dog in New York City with raising a child in America. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Our reporter has done a look at the numbers.

What have you found, as a non- canine person?

What did you find out about comparing the cost of having a dog in new york city and raising a child in america?

The national average that the usda issues every year called the cost of raising a child survey.

It ranges between $12,000 and $14,000 a year.

So close to 14 grand.

That is to raise a child, including everything, home, food, clothing, daycare.

Then i looked at how much it cost to actually own a dog in new york city, just the basic cost.

The major cost is the actual exercise for the dog.

Most people don't have the time to walk their dog four times a day.

I factored in having someone else walked the dog twice a day.

A you have the cost of a dog walker.

Around 25 dollars per walk.

So that is $50 a day, that is $250 a week.

In addition, you have to feed the dog.

That is around $1600 a year, if you are using wet dog food.

You can kind of cut cost with dry dog food.

What about grooming and things like that?

Different dogs need to be groomed in different days.

It costs around $75 for washing, grooming, and i figured four times a year on average.

And then you have boarding.

Every now and then you might want to leave, you've got to put your dog somewhere.

Right, i figure you would want to leave the city without your dog for one weekend a month.

Obviously occasions would be longer.

I figured 48 hours of boarding, and it's $75 for 24 hours, so that is 100 to two dollars a month you have to spend.

-- that is $150 a month.

So we are talking $16,000 a year minimum to have a best friend.

Yes, actually a little closer to $17,000. and that is not extravagant.

That is not doggie facials, not throwing a birthday party.

Ultimately, it is what it costs to own this thing.

That is actually more than the national average per child.

Having said that, you are comparing the cost of raising a child average on the national side versus the cost of raising a pet in new york city, where admittedly the cost of raising a child could be a lot more than the national average.


So the dog might be a bargain.

The dog is a bargain if you live in the city, for sure.

It is mostly in comparison with -- you are in charge of this cindy and -- sentient thing.

The responsibility in new york city is actually greater.

If the dog gets smarter and older to the point where the cost actually goes down, taking care of an older dog, for example.

Right, my estimates were an annual checkup at the vet around $90 a year.

$90 a year?

Obviously when the dog gets older, that skyrockets.

And then you have grown attached to it, and you have to spend this on it.

In researching and putting the story together, which is available at bloomberg.com, did it pushed the scale one way or the other for you to become a dog owner?

I started this because i was interested in owning a dog.

I don't have an extra $17,000 a year that i can allocate to a dog at the moment, so i might hold back.

Of course, there are ways to cut on these things.

I think you can have friends who can walk the dog or house sit.

There are ways to cut your costs.

What kind of dog were you

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