Have Luxury Logos Become Boring to Customers?

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April 9 (Bloomberg) -- Rahul Sharma, founder & managing director at Neev Capital, examines the common issues faced by luxury goods makers and how they can boost their brands on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


You still want to bring to be recognizable.

Is there going to be a resurgence of the logo?

I think what lvmh are doing is that the traditional logo has become boring to a lot of consumers.

They do need to reinvent that piece.

They have tried to significantly upscale the letter offering.

They are trying to bring in high price points.

They are tried to bring in highly, newly crafted bags.

There is a big gap somewhere around the thousand euro price range were nobody is really paying particularly.

-- playing particularly.

Everyone else is trying to sell these 2000 euro plus bags.

I would love to see lvmh, louis vuitton do something in the 1000 euro range, potentially with a reinvented logo.

If you look at some of burberry, the check was very boring for a while.

But then it was reinvented to make it cool and chic again.

Louis vuitton has a lot of heritage.

How risky is that?

I would defer to the branding gurus on that.

I think it is risky, but it is a risk worth taking for louis vuitton in this stage.

They lost quite a bit of the logo business.

The deliberately stepped away from it and they have had to win away.

A lot of people are saying, i do want to be seen with that.

There is room for something to be reinterpreted.

The trick is that you want a logo -- you do not want to be a logo.

You wanted to be recognizable.

You still want people to see, but in a kind of low-key way.


Very much a low-key way.

Very high-end leather can only get you so far.

You are often trapped in by specifically what you have, that specific look.

How do gross -- grow significantly beyond that?

Louis vuitton has this big range from logo to high-end leather.

I think focusing purely on high-end leather is not enough.

We are bored of the lvmh logo.

That is where we stand with this.


We are bored of it, the chinese are bored of it.

A lot of people are bored.

It is not the logo, it is basically the backs that easy.

-- bag that use you see.

There are is still consumers in newer countries to which that would be aspirational.

A lot of people on social media are saying this stuff is boring.

People in the west and to people in china, it is boring.

To a lot of people elsewhere it is still aspirational, but less so.

You want the cachet -- i am told.

Guy does not let on he knows a lot about this, but i am sure he does.


we will leave that there.

[laughter] thank you so much.

Let's stay with luxury.

Let's look at burberry.

It is bucking the trend.

Christopher bailey will be the new ceo.

Enter roberts joins us from paris.

-- andrew roberts joins us from paris.

Fashion companies every tested combining these two jobs.

You have to wonder whether burberry can make it work.

Burberry faces some challenges going forward.

They are building and a beauty business.

-- in house a beauty business.

This is a short-term challenge for burberry in the next 18 months to 24 months.

Having said that, bailey himself

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