Has Target Won Back the Trust of Its Customers?

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May 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett and Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman look over the results of a Bloomberg national poll on American’s view of Target following the data breach that affected customers this past holiday shopping season. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Most people know the company will take care of it.

We have all been a victim of credit fraud at one point.

When that happens, the company takes care of it.

You say, i did not have that charge and they say ok.

You really do not see it directly hitting your pocketbook.

Overall, it does.

There were other surprising findings in this poll.

How confident are you in target keeping your credit and debit safe.

15% or somewhat confident.

It is fairly evenly split between the different measures.

They were asked if it mattered that target got rid of the ceo.

84% said it made no difference.

In made a difference to the company.

They got rid of the ceo and the cfo moved up.

They have were members taking over the chairman responsibilities.

They have a new cio technology person who came in from out time.

The only person that is really there is the ceo, who has a new job.

We just got headlines about steinhoff.

He is staying on as advisor to target through the end of august.

He gave some of his pay details out.

He will still earn $13 million.

That is half of what he earned the prior year, but he does not have to get back and hands retirement benefits.

He ought to give more back.

It cost hundred million dollars for this mistake.

That is a problem with a lot of these companies.

They need to get down on the floor.

We saw this through and article that came from an employee on gawker.

A fire -- this employee wrote in to gawker and said the entire team except the cmo needs to go.

Everyone was homegrown and targetized.

That drew the response of jeff jones, cmo of target.

He said i have gone through a range of emotions.

While it was difficult, the reality is speaking with honesty is a gift.

He is one of the best cmo's. he is a good guy.

Sometimes you need outside eyes looking in.

Especially when you have been a homegrown business.

A good move.

What is it tell you when you have rogue employees sending out e-mails to a log?

The culture isn't respected, or it has gone on for too long.

This will force them to change.

It is a big breach with a big cost.

They should not be leading cash.

This came at the worst time.

The breach is a big problem, but that is not the only reason steinhoff will win.

They have not been keeping up, they have been choppy, online needs to get better.

And freshness, they said they have lost that cachet.

You can get a lot of things at target.

Coming up, money is not everything.

When it might be the right time to say goodbye to your high-paying job.

We will be back in a moment.

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