Has `South By Southwest’ Jumped the Shark?

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March 10 (Bloomberg) –- “Shark Tank, Jump Start Your Business” Author Michael Parrish Dudell discusses the relevance of the SXSW conference. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle and Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What does it say that you are not at sxsw?

Likes it is a travel schedule thing.

I have been there the past few years.

It is relevant.

If you are looking at your travel schedule, you did not say , "i have got to be there." i do not think any conference is a must today.

Think of how information is shared.

There are not many companies or people looking for a conference to announce something.

You saw twitter and foursquare, but social has grown so much since 2007, i am not sure people are waiting anymore.

Why does it feel like the conference business is already getting better?

People want to network.

The ball are excited about starting their own companies.

When you start a company, it is not just about launching.

Isn't it important for a conference to be remembered for something?

Foursquare did not launch twitter like it did foursquare, but it was the first place people got a chance to feel what twitter was.

Zuckerberg did a keynote thing.

Sxsw is also remembered for launching john mayer's career.

But since 2009, since foursquare came along, what can you remember sxsw for?

Before 2007, when was the last time before 2007 that anything happened in south by?

It was mainly film and music.

It has been around since 1997. are blogs relevant?

You had cuban come in, with broadcast.com, talking about video.

We were arguing, should video even have a place on the list?

Then there was a break and not much was coming out.

And we suck twitter and foursquare.

-- and we saw twitter and foursquare.

Is it dead?

Not really.

Who is sxsw valuable for.

Our cuban is there.

When he is done speaking, is he listening to other speakers, maybe other bands?

Is it valuable for those who came because they need a job, need funding, have a resume on their smartphone?

You need to prepare.

You have to be ready to go.

You have to have done some work in advance, know who to talk to.

But it doesn't people are passionate about one thing in one place.

That is powerful.

What are they passionate about?

Tech and media.

It is a broad spectrum.

But you do have 30,000 people, most of whom have flown down there.

Don't they go to ces?

On they have work to do?

In order to stand out, to make a difference and learn something, you have to know what you are doing and figure out creative ways to be different.

It comes down to the conference goer.

Does it matter who is there?

30,000 people who are passionate about tech and media.

But if you do not have zuckerberg -- granted, he was not the hitter in 2008 that he is now.

But if you do not have people who appear to be on the cutting edge of something, does that undermine?

Does that take something away from its meaningfulness?

I think there are people on the cutting edge.

I am not sure this is as newsworthy as in 2007, 2009. then of the mobile, everything that has come out.

It is not making headlines, but there are definitely innovators.

You have to know where to look and how to communicate.

Do you need to go to a festival to do those things?

It is a good bonus to make face and face connections.

You can do that these days in a variety of ways.

Like using face time.

Making connections.

You can go off-line and follow people.

What are your favorite platforms?

Twitter is a great one.

You also have to have the off-line part.

I like to go to smaller events, where there are less people.

Has sxsw gotten too big?

For someone like me, yes.

I do not love a big conference.

Other people thrive in that environment, and love being around a lot of hungry people.

You have to decide which conference works for you and which does not.

I am not sure it is over.

I am not sure it will have its best days ahead of it.

Small conference.

Super valuable.

I think i know the one you want.

I appreciate it.

Two people get work done there?

Quick to find work.


If you just go and drink your face off, you are not going to meet the people you need.

You have to walk the line.

You have to have fun.

Busting johnny cash -- should -- i love johnny cash.

Johnny cash will not be playing.

You need to know how to have fun.

Hold on a second.

If this is a carbons for innovators, why do you need to know how do you have fun?

When i worked at deutsche bank, i was there to do work.

At no point did i say, i made it here to phoenix -- time to have fun.

That is what i do friday night until monday morning.

Chances are, the culture of that conference -- i am not going to say it was boring.

I was there to do work.

Like it is a different type of work with different types of creators.

It is not the financial crowd.

It is the young people who wear skinny ties.

Did you call me a loser and old?

When you go to a conference, anytime, running a business, you think of the audience.

This does not make you feel this industry is a bit bubble, a bit 1999 internet, when you are saying, you need to have fun?

They need to work!

I agree.

I think it is bubbly.

There are a lot of people starting companies -- whether they are profitable or going to be relevant -- most of them will not.

I think we are experiencing a bubble, but that is another show.

Thank you for joining us.

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