Has SeaWorld Recovered From `Blackfish'?

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March 13 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Julie Hyman, Trish Regan, Alix Steel and Brendan Greeley wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Julie hyman is kicking it off.

This amazon story is interesting.

It warned it would be raising the price of prime number ship.

-- membership.

Now it is going to $99 if you have a prime never ship.

-- membership.

Prime fresh, same-day local delivery service with groceries and whatnot will remain at $299. i adjusted for inflation going back nine years.

Just for inflation, only 94 62. i am going to out-geek you.

79 was a prime number.

99 is not.

They did not know how to price it in the beginning.

79 is cute and it is a prime number.

If you look at the annual fee -- netflix is $96. people are not grandfathered in, right?

They send you an e-mail saying, you have to renew it and it would be at this higher price.

We thought they might do grandfathering.

If you are paying more for delivery, i am going to buy that extra thing from amazon this month because i need to get my money back.

I am interested to see how this goes with fresh deliveries.

A lot of companies have taken a bath.

I would be worried about that.

Could the end be upon us?

Peter cook spoke with a man who is co-writing the bill to wind down the institutions.

Around here with the gridlock, it is always dangerous to predict success.

We have a lot of factors coming together.

We have a strong bipartisan agreement on moving forward.

Very positive reaction in the industry with regard to what we are proposing.

I think we have a good chance.

This is the biggest things that will happen in this congress.

There is a good chance that it will make it through.

As for how investors get treated, that decision will be made by the courts, not congress . we are referring to some of the noise we have heard from some headphones -- hedge funds.

At the end of the day, even with this new proposal, the government is there to bail you out if needed.

If your losses exceed 10%, they are there and they will help you out.

Aren't you incentivizing -- if you have losses around eight or nine percent, why not make some more risky loans?

At the very list -- least, it is it an explicit reinsurance contract.

We vaguely know the government will do something.

I think this is a good bill, at least we know exactly what the terms are.

Why not just get the government -- why not just do it?

Why not get the government out of the business of lending?

Said that even pass?

You have to appeal to republicans and democrats.

If you did something that is so drastic, you would lose half of congress.

I think you might lose all of congress.

I guarantee you it will not sell with the american public at the end of the day, if you do not have fannie and freddie, it is going to have an effect on people's ability to get a loan.

The down payments are still really small.

Five or six percent.

It was a fascinating moment in congress.

It is a bipartisan bill.

We have not seen one of those in a very long time.

He is saying to the hedge funds, good luck.

We will not help you out.

That does not mean it will get past.

Even though he was optimistic, once again to those midterms, the tougher it will be.

Good ideas go to the house to die.

How do you sell this to people when they are worried about their own value of their own home?

This is going to affect a multitude of homeowners.

If you have less ability to land , or if it is going to cost more to get a loan, the home price will be affected.


Hazardous air pollution.

Panasonic said today it is going to give employees in china a wage premium to make up for the dangerous levels of smog in the region.

I knew some people who worked for the state department stationed in china 10 years ago.

Kush apartment -- cush apartment . and they got hazard pay.

You have to do with the pollution.

This is a nexus dental problem.

Their response -- this is an axis digital -- existential problem.

The way you fix pollution is you allow court cases and you allow things to fix themselves.

Lack 65% of its energy comes from coal.

Until you are actually able to diversify into something meaningful, you do not have any other options.

It is not very different from other industrialized nations.

Even london, a few hundred years ago, global warming is tipping the scales.

They will have to sacrifice growth if they want to fix this.

It is a real problem with the communist government.

It alters the terms of the contract.

Would you move your family to china?

No, i would not.

Me know what it is like to not live -- we know what it is like to not live under those conditions.

When you get used to it, you do not realize how bad it is.

They do say, this is why we are leaving.

I know a lot of american business owners who do not like going over there because of this.

Moving on to mcdonald's. class-action lawsuits in california, michigan, new york waning mcdonald's is stealing employee wages by forcing them to work off the clock, shaving hours off their timecards, and not paying them overtime.

Our wages are already at rock bottom.

Is it time for mcdonald's to stop skirting the law to pass profits?

Rather, it is time.

This gives that the issue that we have seen front and center.

The executive order by the president to deal with overtime for those employees who are making $455 a week or more.

They are being classified as management.

Many times, they are fast food workers and they are convenience store workers.

What is amazing is that has not been indexed for inflation.

That same worker should be making 970 five dollars, which is more relevant today than when they put this in a 1975. whether you are looking at the overtime issue, minimum wage issue, there is a huge push in this country about inequality.

Whether it will be changed by executive order, i congress, i the courts -- by congress, by the courts, it seems like changes coming.

We talk about this a lot at business week and we keep coming down to the same conclusion.

People do not make enough money.

It may actually be that simple.

That is not new news.

What is new is the midterm elections.

It is new in that this generation has struggled with this because in a previous generation, you could get that job in the manufacturing plant that would pay you enough to take care of your family and maybe have one earner.

In today's society, it it has completely changed where you have two earners in most families and people are struggling to make intimate -- to make ends meet.

In fairness to mcdonald's, there has to be a cultural change going on within leadership.

They used to provide part-time jobs for kids.

They did not think they had to provide for people who had to raise families.

They are coming to terms with the fact that they do not have 17-year-old on staff in a more.

They have parents.

You have 90% franchisees.

Let's talk about another business that has been suffering . seaworld is out with its fourth-quarter earnings.

Revenue, which rose three percent, better than estimated.

The company had come out recently with its fourth-quarter attendance records and said attendance was at a record in the fourth quarter.

Trying to combat the public image problem it has from that movie lack fish, -- black fish, which alleges mistreatment of york is in the park.

-- orcas in the park.

It is unclear what the real demand is.

The year revenue forecast is below what analysts were looking for.

That is something to keep tabs on as well.

It is not clear what the long-term effects of this film is going to be.

Did you guys see it?

I have not seen it.

This has affected the business model of the circus as well.

I took my kids to the circus last week and what had changed since i was a kid, there were posters and signs and

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