Has Obama Chosen Sides in Apple-Samsung Patent War?

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Megan Hughes reports on the impact of President Barack Obama’s decision to uphold a product ban on certain Samsung smartphones that was part of a ruling in the company’s Patent battle with Apple. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Hughes, what is the deal here?

We have been talking a lot about this samsung winning a case against apple and the president vetoing.

That was the first veto since the reagan administration.

That was a big decision.

The south korean government immediately weighed in and said that the government should -- said that the government blocking competitors is protectionism.

Frohman said in an interview, before the decision came out, that he made clear to the company and the south korean government that these decisions had nothing to do with nationality, that they are policy judgments.

As cory was pointing out, these were very different cases.

That is the u.s. government perspective.

Any sense that the shutdown had an impact on this decision at all?

A lot of times commit would be relief online, but the website for the ustr has been shut down.

It hasn't been updated since october 1. instead, it was released by e- mail.

It came from one of the press officers.

But it still coming out -- but it still did come out on time.

The ban will not be a top priority over customs, which has a large number of furloughs . so it is in samsung's best interest to follow the rules.

He is known for building one of silicon valley's hottest

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