Has Marissa Mayer Turned Yahoo Around?

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- JMP Securities Ronald Josey discusses Yahoo's Marissa Mayer's tenure as CEO with Sara Eisen on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of yahoo!'s bob forde, what does it -- path forward, what does this add to -- whose business?

Eni -- 2 yahoo!'s business?

What we have seen from our view is that it brings the number user base, 300 million users that are largely incremental.

You're not having to monetize these millionaire more blogged that are out there.

-- million or more blogs that are out there.

Paul sweeney, there was a lot of skepticism when we saw the price tag on this deal, especially since tumbled as not make a whole lot of money.

Are you optimistic?

It remains to be seen.

She has bought 17 companies since taking over and tumbler is the biggest.

I did what yasu is looking for from tumbler is to beef up their social media jobs, number one, and number to come by to give them some presence on the mobile front.


Has lagged behind google and facebook, and that is one area where they have to get better.

Because those were the users and advertisers are going.

Let's forget about tumbler for one second and thing about the other 16 acquisitions that have been much smaller.

What do they say about yahoo!? the covered was bare and acquisitions are the only way to draw in the kind of people that once worked for yahoo!, but now work for printed -- for competitors?

I think marissa meyer came from google, which is obviously a very product central -- centered place.

A lot of it mean acquiring engineering talent, acquiring product and bring in in-house.

I think it was quicker and faster to go out and buy the products, by the engineering talent rather than developing it in house.

But the question is whether it shows its results in advertising.

How long does this entire process takes before we can see on to compete with the will and facebook docked -- before we can see yahoo!

Compete with google and facebook?

It will be some time.


Is all over the map, but they are focused on new products.

It to the extent that we can see it engagements are growing -- and mind you, yahoo!

Had a very busy home page.

If you can see engagement growing, then you can see a path toward you what you said earlier where we can detraction -- traction cumming.

De you think -- do you think the hon eamon might be over for marissa at this point?

-- the honeymoon might be over for marissa at this point?

Rex to carefully for yahoo!, they do have alibaba.

-- thankfully, yahoo!

Does have ali baba.

I think marissa meyer has a little bit of time to figure this out.

Investors are mostly focused on how to monetize alibaba.

After what happens it's yet to be seen.

We need to see better operations, but i think that is this an area where mostly investors are focused on asian

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