Yahoo Blame Game: Has Mayer Had Enough Time?

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Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson reports on the performance of Yahoo on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Obviously, you cannot blame her after 24 months, a month, i'm not sure what the right answer is.

Despite the rise in the stock, i think that that is really about the success or the perceived success of ali baba.

Sales are down nearly two percent on a year-over-year basis but if you look back over the last few quarters, you see a very consistent falling of sales, of revenue.

In spite of spending over the course of the 18 months over a billion dollars in acquisition to try to buy traffic.

In spite of buying all that traffic, revenues continue to fall.

What about ads, she has revamped all of these products.

Why someone going to advertise as revenue rather than facebook?

Some of them were not that bad.

Some of the revenues are are falling.

There are a number of ads, that pick up.

That speaks of the quality of revenues.

The number of ads is picking up.

That means that they're not bringing in that what you hoped they would.

The yahoo!

Stock price has soared in part because of their huge stake in ali baba.

How much of this is because of marissa mayer.

A lot of what is going on with yahoo!

Over the course of the last year is really the success of the financial engineering principally brought on by dan loeb.

The cfo is one of the best in the business.

It has this pile of assets.

They got together and said that we want you to parcel these out so shareholders will get value.

Some of the moves wrought on has happened and ali baba is the biggest piece.

I don't think that they could have predicted that the market would go crazy for growth stocks in china and suspect that ali baba could have numbers that would be so big that it would flow to the whole company.

That is one the side benefits they have got.

Underneath, you mentioned the firing and the hiring of one single employee for over $100 million over the course of the year.

You talk about these acquisitions that have failed to deliver revenue growth.

Some of the moves that marissa mayer has made have been very expensive.

They have yet to show any results.

What can she do about this hole in her see suite?

It seems like she will be taking on a lot of responsibility.

What does it mean when a ceo is personally doing what the coo should do.

These jobs are different in every case in the way that those job responsibilities are delineated.

There are so many people who used to work at yahoo!, myself included.

I think a lot of people in silicon valley root for the company because they have some memories of the place and want to see it succeed.

People talk about yahoo!

As though it is hewlett-packard, as though it is part of the ancient value.

So many people have been in and out of the revolving doors that i think before that in santa clara that you have a lot of people rooting for the company and is trying to find a way.

Somebody will walk in eventually.

You have to vote on 10 short years.

It is funny and talking with new employees at yahoo!, old employees at yahoo!. they say the energy is different.

How does this matter?

Only matters of the numbers get better and thus far they have not gotten better.

Cory johnson watching yahoo!.

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