Has Box Secretly Filed for an IPO?

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Ari Levy discusses the reports that Box has secretly filed an IPO and what it means for the company’s CEO with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Here on bloomberg west a year ago, talking about a potential ipo.

The timeframe would fit into what he gave us.

Listen to what he had to say.

A long-term sustainable company, an ipo is in that path.

You told us 2014. are you still on track?

I would totally use those words.

She is much funnier than i am.

It is hard to compete.

There our enterprise software companies building in the cloud.

That is the way people are doing business now.

Yet the way they have been buying is the old stuff.

If you look at workday service -- these are companies that have gone public in the last couple of years with evaluations.

And hitting price to sales of like 35 times, relative to a traditional enterprise company, which is like to to -- tewo to four times.

Is this about reading dropbox, or is box ready?

It is not that significant, in terms of the timing.

They are both playing into really big markets.

We do compete.

They have very different products.

The products collide.

Fox will go public when it looks like they have a story they can tell to investors.

How well do we think locks -- box is doing?

The numbers i hear are somewhere in the $150 million revenue.

We have stayed away from reporting, but have heard these types of numbers.

Not profitable.

Lots of employees.

We have heard a thousand employees.

They are clearly scaling themselves, scaling their engineering, for where the market is headed, even though the numbers may not show it yet.

We mentioned aaron levie is a funny guy.

He is also a prolific tweeter.

Not all are serious.

He was speaking about the potential new ceo.

He said, understands how to build platforms, gets the cloud.

I know he is from seattle and followed microsoft a long time.

He also has cheeky tweets, like this one.

It is funny, because so many ceo's are scared of saying anything, and he is the complete opposite.

Does that make the company look at her?

-- look better?

I know the investors well and talk to them frequently.

What are the risks?

Aaron does not fall into the top 10. he is an asset they invest in, one of the reasons the company has been able to capture such a big valuation.

He is a magnetic personality and someone investors believe in.

His off-the-cuff remarks may be, sometimes -- those may be things he will have to reel in.

I am sure the lawyers are all over him.

But this is a new environment.

The ceo's of yesteryear are not used to this avenue, this ability to express themselves so openly.

He is of this generation.

They founded this company in 2000 5, 4 cofounders.

They are all still together.

That does not happen often.

A solid relationship.

The cfo and aaron went to college together.

I think high school.

They have been together a long time.

Ported the filing for an ipo at

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