Has Apple Lost Its Cool Factor?

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) – SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg discusses how the loss of Steve Jobs has impacted Apple with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


It is something we have been wondering about for months.

Is apple still cool?

You asked fans about the new ipad.

What do they say?

We got the feedback that if you were already in ipad owner, you are interested.

If you are not an ipad owner, the new ones did not seem to motivate people.

It is early.

They just announced these last week.

They will have, i am sure, a lot of people buying it, but at the moment, it did not get that kind of wow excitement.

Tim cook said it is dramatically different.

Do people think it is dramatically different?

The feedback was basically not that different.

People did not feel like -- there were a small group of people -- the features were not that different.

There was not that motivation.

I am personally quite excited.

We live here in silicon valley and we are a little biased.

I want the newest, greatest technology.

It may change people's perceptions once they get out there.

We are seeing the lack of pre- release excitement.

Let's talk about the cool factor.

I asked robin li about the cool factor in china.

He thinks they still have it.

Chinese users want bigger screens, better software for chinese characters.

What do people here in the united states think?

The majority of people said apple is still cool.

The concerning thing that we saw is that younger consumers thought apple was still cool, but less of them thought it.

That was concerning that you are aging out.

That is the most important demographic.

You know this, you run a company.

The majority of people still think apple is cool, but it is slipping and that younger demographic.

How much has the loss of steve jobs hurt apple?

Yes, that is part of it, but they are looking at the products and not seeing that wow factor.

It is all wrapped together.

When we asked people about it, people thought it was a negative.

They did not feel like so company was doing as well.

For the people who do not think apple is at school anymore, what do they think is cool?


Google as well, but samsung was viewed as apple's main competitor.

We kind of recognize that, but to the outside world, that is a shock that samsung is the main competitor to apple.

This is a company that most people 10 years ago did not really know what they did.

Today, they are one of the largest companies in the world and they make a great smartphone . it is number one in china and robin li carries one.

What are you gleaning from that in terms of trends in the tablet market?

Much greater use on mobile of ios devices.

It was still far and away the most used tablet.

Other people were using tablets, but more than 60% of the use was ipad.

It is like 80% ios from a mobile perspective.

We are still seeing the more engaged web users are on ios devices.

Interesting stuff.

It will be interesting to see

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