Has Apple Become More Show Than Substance?

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky reviews Apple CEO Tim Cook’s appearance at today’s company event and the hype that goes along with new Apple products. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Speaking earlier.

We were using words we often hear him say like stunning, incredible, amazing.

Apple has been criticized over the last few months for not innovating fast enough.

Do you think tim cook is making good on these, says he is making with these grandiose words?

I don't. i'm glad you said that because i was thinking the exact same thing.

I've been listening to the speech and it is undifferentiated enthusiasm all delivered in the oratory of a funeral parlor director that i find maddening.

You need to show some sense of what is important and what is.

A lot of this is pure tactical releases that should have happened years ago.

Why wasn't it there from when the ibooks started in the first mobile platform?

Having no sense, rather than making people excited about everything leads a lot of people to say they have no idea about what's important.

Or at least i don't as an investment or buyer, which is equally offensive.

This is automatic and cook needs to do something about it and get a sense of what is important and what isn't. a are really burying the lead today.

We haven't heard about the new ipad.

We've heard about the new mac book and the developer.

In terms of the style of the presentation, it's a good way to build suspense.

Does this matter, the way the event is laid out?

This is the classic steve jobs tactic of, oh, one more thing.

They are trying to push the ipad, which is the thing was people care about and push it to the end so they can have that at the end.

You are exposed to all of these rhetorical flourishes all the way along about fantastic and superb and you are reminded of one of the weaknesses of tim cook's tenure at apple which is this notion of do you really know the difference tween the things that are most important than things that are not?

This excess exposure to the rhetoric gives a bit of it contempt here.

It is some pretty radical changes in one of the most important lines.

You don't want people hitting the snooze button on their way there.

We are just getting news on the new mac pro.

It's going to start at $2999. i believe the last model started at $2500. you mentioned the one more thing.

Maybe today the one more thing is the ipad.

What's the equity that we could see something else?

Something about a tv or a watch?

The unicorn.

The one more one more thing.

There was that sort of weird comment in the invitation to this announcement that apple has more rings to cover.

There is some legitimate speculation out there that maybe apple is going to release its own kind of a windows tablet touch ipad screen cover and this idea you could very quickly open it up and begin using it as a kind of keypad.

Were they to do that, it's not market changing, it's just interesting because it's duplicative of something microsoft has already done.

The only other thing lurking out there, and there is a great bloomberg story about it today, was talking about what might happen with respect to an ultra high definition television that might potentially show up next year.

All things digital has been pushing this as well am a that

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