Has Amazon Streaming Surpassed Apple, Hulu?

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April 8 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “BWest Byte,” Jon Erlichman looks at video steaming services on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Speaking of business, this stone is the cofounder of twitter and cofounder and ceo of jelly.

-- biz stone.

Now the author of a new book, " things a little bird told me." the book chronicle has moved to silicon valley and offers advice to entrepreneurs and joins me now in studio.

Great to have you.

Part advice/part memoir.

Of all of the things you do, why did you write this?

I started over a decade ago.

I was invited to teach a master class at oxford, which is a fancy term for lecture.

A racket leslie they invited me back so i started doing that every year.

Other groups started inviting me to lecture.

Something amazing happened.

I found that everyone from high school students to ceos would come up to me after and say that thing you said about creativity or your perspective on opportunity really resonated with me.

That is a wide group of people to come up to me after and say they like it.

Someone suggested writing a book recently.

I thought i will attend the lecture into a book and will not have to lecture anymore.

Then i realized i will lecture even more.

I wrote it a sickly because it was honed over a decade.

People thought it was worthwhile.

The audience quite broad as you said.

What do you want people to take away?

What is the main thing?

My view of the world is i have described it as a hallucinogenic optimistic.

I would like people to take away from the book, some of the hard learned lessons.

It is only one thing they take away, it is hopefully the chapters on creativity and the idea that everyone is creative, not just artists.

Creativity is as a renewable resource.

I would like people to take away a fresh perspective on the idea of giving back.

So many people do it wrong.

They think they should wait until they are comfortable and old but really if you get started early with volunteering, donating five dollars, the impact you will have over your lifetime is a much greater.

I talk about compound interest.

A lot of very aspirational stories.

Speaking of money, you do not sugarcoat how broke you were in the early days like living in your mom's a smith with your girlfriend, could not even buy a bed.

What drove you then and what drives you now now that you do have money?

There was always a belief in my future self, like futureb -- like future biz will be smarter and we'll figure it out.

The work i was doing was engaging to me.

I always found something i was excited about doing, like when i started my first design studio and then that lead to learning web design and that led to my first foray into being an entrepreneur, tech entrepreneur.

I just really believed in the idea of democratization of information.

Really decided to work out logger.

-- blogger.

Money does not matter because it was more of the mission.

Doesn't still drive your?


Especially with jelly.

I left twitter on a day-to-day basis a few years ago and that gave me space to look at things from a higher level.

Getting philosophical about the amazingly connected world we're living in now.

I ask myself come a what is the true promise of a connected society?

Yes, there is someone waiting to play right now and wonderful things that come along with and connected that could not help but think the true promise of a connected society as people helping one another.

And this is a platform for doing just that.

I feel like i cannot go wrong working on this.

How does it feel a few months into being a ceo for the first time?

It feels great.

I have learned so much from being on the sidelines.

An oscar-winning supporting actor to now one of those great guys.

And i have such wonderful support from my team.

I listen to them.

I tend to pick up traits and i like them.

It is really fantastic growing into this role.

I am plenty of mentors.

-- have plenty of mentors.

Jack dorsey, people i know.

Each one of them is different.

Jack has almost been serving as my executive coach almost at this point.

He has grown so much in the past four years it is unbelievable.

We meet every wednesday and socially in between.

Very specific questions like this guys has -- this guy has been at jelly for a year, should i offer him more money or this and that?

What would you do in this situation?

Sometimes it is specific, sometimes it is very high level.

Sometimes we just joke around.

It is interesting because this book really questioned the assumptions about the founding of twitter and what we are in a new.

He sort of things jack is not the product of genius but more marketing genius.

How do you respond to that?

Jack is very talented and marketing.

Look at square.

He is like an artist at heart.

Maybe that is where the confusion lies.

When he first describes square to me, and i invested in it, which i am very glad about, he -- i was like really, payment?

Wide payments?

-- why payments?

He said because payments are a form of social interaction.

This is a social transaction.

I sort of saw the light.

He is making -- he is taking that thing we have been doing for centuries and making it into a beautiful experience.

You have your own telling about your own telling of twitter.

I lived it.

You seem to have done such a great job -- job of maintaining deep relationships with everyone.

You said one of the problems you saw early on is maybe evan jax did not communicate enough.

Are they better now?

Like i said, i meet with them all the time.

Ed has kids now.

I have a little boy.

We get the boys together and way.

Jack and i meet socially.

I forced them to communicate because i had a birthday party recently and they both had to come.

The thing is, they are so similar.

Speak when spoken to types.

Without me in the middle it would be like two guys in a room.

Who knows.

It could be a cartoon.

I want to talk more about twitter and division.

I also asked the jelly verse four questions like you.

More with him after this quick break.

? welcome back to bloomberg "west." welcome back with biz stone.

Cofounder of twitter and now author of a new book.

I want to talk to you about twitter.

New profile design and a background images are bigger.

Some people say it looks like facebook.

Mine is not updated yet.

That is funny.

You're the cofounder.

I think it is great they are innovating.

It is difficult for publicly traded company to be bold and make changes.

That is what you have to do in this business.

I applaud them for that.

There've they -- may many more changes to come.

I am looking at twitter now in decades.

I have every confidence that twitter will be a timeless company of enduring value.

In order to do that, there is a lot of work ahead of them.

That involves making big bold changes when necessary.

I talked about the experiment to make twitter more user-friendly.

Some people say twitter is still more of a niche product.

Do you think it will be bigger than facebook?

I think it will be really big.

People tend to think of twitter -- i have always said you do not know -- need to know how to code a website to know how to use the internet.

You do not have to necessarily tweaked to be considered a person who uses twitter.

You see tweak everywhere.

-- tweets everywhere.

I think it is a matter of saying how do you think about twitter being used cap go it is not just about composing a tweet.

It is about consumption of the fantastic content that exists on twitter.

So i'm walking that and freeing that is something going forward that twitter has a really great opportunity ahead of it.

A lot of people compare facebook and twitter.

That i have to ask you about the acquisitions facebook is making.

What do you think of all of this?

Make sense to you.


M&a is for different reasons.

They are making best on what is next.

Mayor making great talent.

Are are they good bets?

Who knows?

That is the nature of the bet.

If they have the means and the drives, why not?

Twitter of 65% since the ipo.

Down 40% from the peak.

How much do you follow the stock?

They tell you when you try to lose weight, do not look at the scale every day because it will go up and down.

You have to take it way back.

When i say all kinds of different people in different industries are getting value of twitter, then i know it will be a valuable company.

Eagle are getting value out of it.

Television networks are getting value out of it.

Regular everyday people are getting value out of it.

When there is value created out of it, you have something there.

So maybe you're not watching the stock ice every day come -- stock price everyday, but there may be our employerses doing that.

That is stressful.

I do not worry about that at all.

I have complete faith in the deep executive branch we have built at twitter, the incredibly talented team in place there.

This is a reason i felt like it was an appropriate and was comfortable leaving day today because the right people are in the right spot.

There is no worrying for me.

How about the inequality debate in san francisco?

The tax break and the protesting against google buses.

Protesting twitter in a week.



By the way in the united states.

Again, i have left day to day operations so i do not have authority to speak on what twitter's responsibility is, that i am starting to look into this now.

Just personally.

Just trying to get involved with various tech industries.

In a boom time when so many jobs are created, there is so much energy and if it is not, what can we do to fix that?

It is not a weekend solution.

A lot of people have to get together and think long-term about how to make it work.

It seems to me there has to be a way to solve the puzzle.

Questions from the jelly verse.

15 respondents -- responses within seconds.

Argan asks when will you merge jelly with twitter?

It is our it he working with twitter.

We work with twitter and facebook.

We blend the networks together and that is one way we can your answers.

I guess he is asking will you ever sell?

Jelly is the company we are trying to build and work on for the next several decades.

This is what i am doing now.

There is no sell date.

What our current use cases, and what do you envision as the best for the future?

So far we have noticed three cases.

We have noticed recommendations are big.

Going out to people in your network is good.

Trusted people.

We have seen, obviously because there is a camera involved, we have seen interpretation questions.

What is this?

Is this snake poisonous?

We have seen troubleshooting tech questions like evil are taking pictures of the back of their tivo and saying how do i set this up?

You have to put this here and there.

It is just great.

Those are the three we're seeing.

Recommendations is really breaking out.

It is increasing.

We have redesigned the interface for composing a question.

We really feel it is the best way to ask the question now.

Gizbiz stone, thank you for stopping by.

Great to have you here.

More after this quick break.

? welcome back to bloomberg "west." time for the bwestbite.

Jon erlichman is in l with the bite today.

What have you got?

I have three.

When it comes to streaming video content in the u.s. -- in the u.s., amazon is in third spot behind netflix and youtube based on tracking of all of this by a company called quill on and it would suggest amazon video service has surpassed those of apple and hulu for being very busy with streaming traffic online.

Amazon put out a press release highlighting that today as the streaming wars continue.

Lex i am a big amazon customer.

They are pushing prime video all the time.

We have gotten letters in the mail.

It is so amazon of them not to tell us what the numbers are.

Suggesting they are having great success.

Talking about this company q wilt.

How much do we know about them?

Talking about overall amount of traffic.

Whether it is a video delivered over the internet, watching the whole thing.

Part of the team used to work at cisco.

Amazon is not -- apple is not offering the same kind of service.

Amazon is streaming.

It raises the question, if you are putting content out there like amazon is for free.

We know apple makes a lot of money from itunes every time you buy or rent a movie.

Everyone trying to position themselves in the story.

Obviously the physical infrastructure of companies online whether it is apple or google or netflix of course.

Interesting they are trying to save the dying dvd business.

The new hardware device and the victory with nairobi as well.

Certainly the rankings will shift around.

It is by no means the end.

Jon erlichman, cory johnson, thank you.

Thank you all for watching this edition of bloomberg "west." we will see you later.


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