Harnessing Power From a Soccer Ball of Energy

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Jessica Matthews, Chief Executive Officer at Unchartered Play, talks with Betty Liu about capturing kinetic energy from the motion of a soccer ball to generate electric power. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

That's the idea behind a social company, unchartecdd play -- uncharted play.

The soccket doubles as a light source.

I sat down with founder and ceo jessica masters ahead of her trip to brazil.

30 minutes of play can give you over three hours of led light.

Three hours.

Show me.

Take an led bulb and go ahead and -- see the opening there.

Stick it in.

Oh, ok.

That's it.

There really is light.


You wanted to invent best -- you wanted to invent this why?

Ima dual citizen of nigeria and the u.s.. i am in nigeria quite a bit.

I experienced an extreme lack of access to electricity.

It was not socioeconomic, it was infrastructure.

Are you trying to adapt this to not just light?

It depends on the sport and the extent to which we can get as much power out of it.

This balkan power -- this ball can power lamps, speakers.

We are working on it to get a charge on things like ipads and laptops.

We are excited about our jump rope.

15 minutes of jumping rope can give you a 50% charge on your cell phone.

How are you partnering with toyota in brazil?

The exciting thing we are partnering with toyota to do is to bring our impact curriculum to the children of rio during the world cup games.

The idea is while the world is looking at brazil and very excited, what could happen if we could take all this passion and excitement and energy and translate it into real power?

We are there with two goals -- to get our hands dirty and work in communities that are going to be experiencing issues with infrastructural stress being placed on the country.

They are expecting rolling blackouts and we plan on being there with our socckets and providing power.

Are you giving away balls?

We are bringing several dozen with us.

Don't tell the airport.

That's a lot of baggage fees.

We're going to be going, working with different organizations and cleaning up soccer fields.

Teaching the children held the ball works and what it means to be an inventor.


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