Harbin Bank Raised $992M in IPO

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March 31 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Francis Chan reports on China’s banking industry and Harbin Bank’s first day of trade in Hong Kong. He speaks to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Side up by 0.3%. just shy of $1 billion.

Bloomberg industries analysts is saying it is -- it has been taken fairly well by the investors.

They may be can go a little higher.

Given the returned they were looking for.

It was not the case.

Harbin bank, 27 -- let me give you a few facts.

If you take a look at the other commercial banks and china, they close higher last friday.

Aware now, -- where now, it is eight times.

As other banks, they share a lot.

The other day was like -- [indiscernible] underperformed both hang seng and china financial index.

Will wait and see.

The chinese pains are part of the chinese stock store if there is a one.

-- stock story if there is one.

China released better than expected up on the market.

Not just markets but also bank of japan last week.

And i think the big 4 banks have gained substantially in 2013 because of the time and 20. -- because of the time equity.

We do see banks that are suffering from very low, worse performance, not just margins.

If it opens, they will lose at will never, back.

On the back and front, we should not do see a lot of a worsening.

The hang seng, is the dividends are stunning.

That is true.

That is the problem.

Giving encouragement into the stock.

You cannot argue with return on equity.

Not at the moment, we are seeing 19%. 22% in some cases.

Let's look also in the name.

We have ecb in the mix.

That has been for a while.

They are not trading.

Not the moment.

Icb as well.

Icb has been for a while.

We know the big 4 banks.

It is a big one.

We see how much bigger icb will

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