Dimon Family Plays Tennis Indoors for Holiday Card

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Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “Movers & Shakers,” Betty Liu offers a look at the holiday card of Jamie Dimon and his family on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Jamie dimon.

This has nothing to do with government finds, london wales, any of that.

It is about the family holiday card this year area check it out.

Not your traditional shot at the family in front of the fireplace.

Pretty cool.

We see an epic indoor tennis match featuring their wife and daughters and son-in-law and the family dog.

Cori, look at jamie's back end.

A big tennis player.

Class apparently.

You can buy a new one when it is done.

I have interviewed jamie dimon for my book.

This book?

Yes, that you conveniently have.

In this book, he mentioned telling his daughters about the day he got fired.

I want to read for you one part of what he said about the day he got fired.

He said, ", i went home and sat my three little girls down and they were probably -- you can read more if you want to know what his girls responded to him.

You can read more on bloomberg.com.

A tough conversation to have with kids.

During the recession, my kids were coming of the age where they were starting to hear the word and they thought it was one of the meanest things you could say.

They watch this cartoon, a pixar movie, "the incredible's." one time in the movie, they tell someone, you are fired.

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