Hanson Brothers: Now We’re Making Craft Beer

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Scene," the brothers from Grammy-nominated band Hanson discuss a new way to appeal to fans… beer. They speak with Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

1997. the year "titanic" sailed into theaters and "south park" shock to tv viewers.

You also first heard this song -- ? mmmbop ? international head from three brothers from tulsa, oklahoma.

They are all grown up and their fans are, too.

16 million albums and hanson is looking for a new way to appeal to fans.

Mmmhop beer.

The three brothers join us now on stage, isaac, taylor, and zac.

Music and beer.

They have a natural connection.

We have plenty of hops in the beer.

It's more of a jump on paper.

We have run our record company for the past three years.

We are self managed.

It's always been about passion and this is passion.

I'm 30 and i have developed a love for craft beer.

It started with falling in love with great craft beers.

Every night we look at an audience and we see everyone with a beer in their hand.

We should bring some of our flavor.

What is your flavor?

It's a robust pale ale.

It doesn't bite your head off with hops.

It has a bit of a malt quality.

It keeps a more smooth palette.

Some of my favorite are sierra nevada pale ale.

We see a huge similarity in independent music and the craft beer movement.

They are brewing their passion.

Dogfish head, sierra nevada, and guys like sam adams really led the way.

We love the whole industry.

Cranks you can have a small group of guys who can create music or come up with a great recipe for beer.

Or you get beer, start drinking it, and get inspired to write a song.

Music is also going very independent.

10 years ago we started our own record label and we've really been doing it ever since.

A decade ago, it seemed like a big stretch.

And a lot of our friends and business colleagues were thinking -- what are you doing?

You left deaf jam.

-- def jam.

More and more market share is taken over by independent labels and artists.

It's the way of the future.

Is it an opportunity for you to have control over your own destiny?

Higher risk but eger playoff.

You get more from every record sold but you have to put a lot more in front of it.

When we left the industry was not a matter of "screw the man," it was looking at the corporations buying each other.

We did not want to be a pawn in it.

Our fans are not an asset to be traded.

We said, we would like to leave, thank you.

Starting around thing was the right choice for us.

There is an inevitable connection between music, being a band, and being a business.

It is a reality to the dollars and cents with the hours spent.

For me, in business and being a band, the goal is consistency.

It is evolution but consistency.

For us, being a band, owning the label, it was about staying the course and being consistent with where you wanted to go and where you had been coming from.

One of the songs were most excited about?

We have a new record and the beer will be premiering in different states through the country.

It kind of like you planned it.

[laughter] our band is 21 years old this year.

The record is called "and some." we have-- "anthem." this has a little bit more fight to it.

It gets in your face and is a great album.

You are all from oklahoma.

How much of that heart lands.

-- how much of the heartland spirit is in it?

We are proud to be from oklahoma.

We know basically everybody in the state that's brewing.

We are really proud of the fact that it's brewed in oklahoma.

Mustang brewer ray are the friends help -- mustang brewer y are the friends helping us get this liquid.

As it comes out, you can come to oklahoma and drive right down the road.

We are in tulsa but mustang is in oklahoma city, 90 miles away.

You still live in oklahoma?

We have always been influenced by american rock 'n roll.

We love being from somewhere.

21 years.

Our first show was in 1992. you mentioned 1997. being brothers, you can start a little earlier.

I was six.

We went to an arts festival on stage and we basically said any time we got a gig, we did another.

You guys are also married and you have families.

All of that, staying together, new albums, a new business.

What are you most proud of?


[laughter] to some degree, it is about being the last band standing.

In this business, how long can you keep it together?

We always talk about passion leading the way.

That's why we do the beer and the label.

All of us being family man, you're fueled by the stuff you are inspired by.

At the end of the day, i want my kids to say he has a cool job but he works really hard at it.

That's what america's all about, working hard.

You will not get the same results every time but as long as you encourage people to work hard, then ultimately the future is yours.

Well put.

Isaac, taylor, and zac.

Coming up, how about watching the world come to an and while sitting in the hot seat?

Coming up in today's "weird wall street." ?

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