Can Bloomberg TV Beat Sperling, Krueger in Tennis?

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- On "Weird Wall Street," Trish Regan and Adam Johnson look at bizarre business stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." Bloomberg's Peter Cook and Hans Nichols also speak. (Source: Bloomberg)

Tonight in washington, the sporting event of the century.

[laughter] we are talking about members of congress, senior white house staff, professional world team -- worldteam tennis players, and bloomberg's own peter cook and hans nichols, ready to raise money for food and friends.

Look at that, there goes gene sperling.

Alan krueger, the white house economic adviser.

And there is peter cook, looking sharp.

There is hans nichols.

You guys lost two team white house last year.

You have a chance to avenge it tonight?

We are going to cheat, i think is what we are going to do.

He had been training for a year now, every single night -- we have been training for a year now, every single night, because we have all that free time.

We are set.

The economic team does take their tennis seriously.

If the president was going to take -- pick a fed chairman based on tennis, who would he pick?

Larry summers?

He has a good tennis game, smart guy.

You would have to go with alan krueger, he might be a little better than larry summers.

And even though genes burning is probably the best of all of them, he is -- though gene sperling is probably the best of all of them, he is not an economist.

He is like the feisty guy coming out -- you guys are going to win.

The pressure is on.

You have to deliver.

We will do our best.

Viewers may not realize -- you guys are both tall.

How tall are you?

In meters or feet?

Are we going to be euro about this?

I'm about 6'3". i'm about six foot to -- about 6'2". that gives you better angle on the serve.

Gene sperling does not have that.

Your understanding of tennis is a bit like your understanding of economics, which is to say lacking.


That is a smack down.

He's getting all defensive ahead of this rematch.

Here's my offer.

We are going to do our best tonight and then we are going to challenge the two of you to tennis.

Thanks, guys.

Good luck.

That does it for us here today.

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