Handicapping Microsoft’s CEO Prospects

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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bob Herbold, former COO at Microsoft, looks at the potential candidates to take the CEO spot at Microsoft on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

And saw hans vestberg, who is that?

What is going on with the ceo search?

On paper, this actually makes some sense.

They operate in a ton of different countries.

This is a company that deals with consumer side and business side.

Microsoft is doing that as well.

They have a history of telecommunications and mobile.

Microsoft is trying to think about mobile.

Those are a few of the reasons.

And he plays handball.

The thing is, he has been in ericsson for so many years.

He has been around the world and worked in different departments.

What makes him qualified to run microsoft?

The company has a lot of work to do.

He has worked in every part of ericsson except rmb.

That is a huge company.

I want to bring in bob herbold, the former ceo of.

You have been watching this from afar.

What do you think of hans vestberg and the other candidates that have been thrown out there?

To be clear, emily and sam, it has been a wild since i have been a microsoft.

It was the 1990's when i operated there is the coo.

It is a company that i follow closely.

It is a great company and has a bunch of powerful franchises that -- some struggle.

Others have been powers of strength -- towers of strength for some decades.

This job is tough.

I'm glad the board is taking their time.

It is terrific that they're coming up with candidates that are a bit different.

Best bird represents that kind of candidate.

Who knows.

Who knows where it will take us from here.

They are doing their job and taking their time.

Hopefully they end up with a great candidate to run a great company.

We have been doing a bit more research on hans vestberg.

We actually found some video of him speaking about himself on ericson.

-- on the ericsson website.

We want to learn a bit more about him.

I think that motivation is what drives me.

The motivation to be in a company working in the industry with employees and customers.

That is driving me.

You know a bit more about hans.

What is interesting about hans vestberg is that he has been at ericsson were quite some time.

He has presided over a time in their history where they have moved away from consumer products.

They used to have a partnership with sony to build smart phones and cell phones.

That has been unwound.

I am just curious about your thoughts -- jon, feel free to jump in.

Microsoft is in a crossroads with its consumer business and the enterprises.

What does the consideration of someone like vestberg mean for those tensions in the company?

That is an important point.

People often do not realize, but the real engine for microsoft is the industrial side.

Their relationships with large and medium-sized organizations, providing the kinds of tools that they have for decades.

That is the heart of the business.

It is one that must be protected.

Microsoft has a good top of that.

There are consumer activities that could help.

They are powerful forces.

They need to manage both very well.

If you take another company the blackberry, i think that they forgot about the fact that the industrial part was the heart and soul of their business.

They tried to act a bit too much like a consumer product.

They did not do a good job of managing the two sides of the street, so to speak.

Both sides are very important for microsoft.

Do not forget the industrial side.

I want to bring you back into this.

There are a lot of other candidates out there.

Tell us about the status of the search more broadly.

The board member who is running said they want to make a decision and the early part of this year.

What progress have they made toward truly narrowing it down?

To answer that question, i would say that one of the biggest challenges they have faced in this search -- we have for this from a lot of people.

They have reached out to some big names, if you will.

Steve ballmer laid out the strategy.

He did it in the head and organization.

If you are the visionary coming in to say i am to do something different, is steve ballmer going to be happy about that?

Is bill gates on board?

That is one of the biggest challenge of getting this nailed down.

The can of do have an opposition?

That is one of the factors that will affect this.

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