Hamptons Partygoers' Fares Lure Uber Drivers

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Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Olivia Sterns reports on lucrative trips to the Hamptons for Uber drivers. She speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


They going to where the money is.

That means the beach towns, 100 miles from the city.

One driver says he can make $1000 in the hamptons and half the time in new york city.

There are a market that cooper refers to as a pop-up.

They operate their only in high periods.

The average trip is a must to three times the distance.

Brandon, go to your cell phone.

The price is four times.

Imagine that, from the crows nest all the way back to bridgehampton -- $200. uber also offers a chopper system.

That is just to get out there.

What does it mean?

Were their taxes before hand?

Are they as upset as taxis in new york city?

Have you done high-yield research on the hamptons?

I have not.

It is a pretty competitive market.

The trouble is, you call several and they don't always show up.

If you call uber, you can track where they are.

You are out there doing paddle boarding.

That is for the record.

Full disclosure, i am a member of the council of 12. ambassador haass, do you feel pressure to go to the hamptons?

Do you have to go out and make a presidential appearance?

I think they are relieved not to see me.

Pressure, no, attraction, yes.

Would you take an uber?

With the former president and secretary clinton, they rented it.

It was jaw dropping.

I don't know --

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