Halliburton Results, Treasuries, Apple’s New iPad

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “Countdown Blitz,” Bloomberg Olivia Sterns examines the day’s biggest business stories ahead of the bell. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

? we are about eight minutes away from the opening bell, time for the countdown.

Olivia sterns is here.

Let's start with halliburton.

Getting a boost from overseas oilfields, third-quarter profits rose to $.83 per share, one penny better than forecast.

They expect margins to improve into next year.

The 11.6 trillion dollar bond market is losing some of its luster, reducing their holdings in treasuries after two straight months coming after the government shutdown brought concerns that they would not be able to pay their debt.

Upgrading the ipad lineup at apple to go against competitors introducing rival tablets at our prices, with snazzier features after two straight quarters, apple is facing similar challenges with the ipad that they have had with their iphone, proving that incremental changes in products could dry cut -- could draw customers.

We are expecting a thinner version with higher definition, meaning that this space is crucial because they are the second best selling product after iphone.

Apple has seen their share of tablets cut in half and just below one third.

It just goes to show how fierce the competition is.

Thank you, olivia.

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