Hagel: Russia Lost and Isolated After MH17

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel comments on Russia's involvement in the Ukraine crisis. He spoke with Al Hunt on "Political Capital." Bloomberg's Peter Cook also comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

Malaysian airliner, but president obama says it could not happen without russia's help.

Al hunt sat down with the secretary.

Listen to this.

A have 12,000 russian troops on the border.

We know there has been a lot of heavy equipment, military equipment that has gone into ukraine, russian military equipment.

What then would be the price russia would pay?

Well, the president today talked about options, but he was careful on this.

Let's get the facts first.

The russians continue to isolate themselves in the world and this is an international incident.

Peter cook joins me with more on those comments from the president that we heard earlier today.

Peter, he gave us some pretty strong words today, but he is not putting the blame directly on vladimir putin.

Cautious words from chuck hagel as well.

They want to let this play out.

They also want a smoking gun clearly pointing to russian environment.

What has not been ruled out by u.s. officials yet is that they gave training on the system or perhaps even played a role in directly.

No one is suggesting that at this point in the united states government, but that is the kind of question that needs to be answered first.

It is clear they are trying to ramp up pressure on putin and to some extent today we saw it happen.

Timing is awkward for russia

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