Grounded: F-35 Fire Prevents Jet’s Air Show Debut

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July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Peter Cook reports on the absence of the F-35 fighter jet from the Farnborough Air Show as it remains grounded following a fire aboard one of the aircraft last month. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

The f 35 fighter jet remains grounded after an engine fire last month.

Chief washington correspondent peter cook has more on the most expensive program in u.s. history.

What is the latest with the f 35? this is supposed to be a very big week for the f-35, a chance for it to strut its stuff in front of an international audience in that air show outside of london.

Instead it remains grounded.

It is not there at the air show.

The good news for supporters of the f-35 is that the top officials are telling us that they do not see this as a systemic problem.

An engine fire with an f-35 back on june 23 appears to be an isolated incident at this point.

We heard specifically from frank kendall, the head of acquisitions for the pentagon, saying at this point we do not see systemic difficulties.

That is good news for sure for this program.

It had its share of bad news over the past couple of years with delays, bulkhead cracked, software glitches.

This is still a big concern, not great news for the f-35. i haven't exactly figured out what is happening here.

The bottom line is the plane has not flown to farm borrow.

Any sign of any foreign buyers for this?

There are plenty of foreign buyers for the f-35. the question is does this problem with the jet engine cause any of them to have second thoughts about buying the plane?

There are eight other countries besides the united states committed to buying the f-35 in varying numbers.

The question is do any of them get cold feet because of these problems or do others get scared away?

There are no delays on contracts, no one bugging out because of these problems of the engine.

This is something to watch very carefully.

This would have been a great opportunity for the f-35 to show stuff in front of an international audience.

It still may happen.

A lot of people are hoping the plane does show up this week.

Are cheap washington -- our

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