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September 12 (Bloomberg) -- Sports teams, leagues and venues are taking increasing steps to improve their environmental efficiency and reduce costs through sustainable practices. Former NHL all-star Mike Richter, team owners Christina Lurie and Rita Benson LeBlanc and other guests discuss the greening of sports. (Source: Bloomberg)

Across the sports industry, teams and venues are going green and the good deeds are good business.

Great examples of investing and saving.

Making legendary saints.

Now he helps -- making legendary saves.

Were talking about efficiency.

New orleans rebuilds a sport economy and build a basketball brand.

That message every starvation -- we starvation -- did you know the short on your back and make environmental difference?

We take a deep dive into the world of green sports this week on "sportfolio." hello.

I'm rick horrow.

Welcome to "sportfolio" bloomberg's weekly look inside the business of sports.

Sustainable practices and environmental efficiencies.

Plenty of financial incentives for sports businesses to go green.

More opportunities to advance these initiatives.

In august, more than 600 sports and the environmental stake holders held a summit sponsored by green sports alliance.

This nonprofit organization is dedicating to helping leagues, teams, and venues enhance environmental performance.

Broad membership is all the more impressive considering its moderate beginnings.

It started in the northwest with 16. we got together and shared best practices and how to help one another.

The idea of forming an alliance came out of that.

We said, no, it was much bigger than that.

We were talking about environmental issues and what they were doing and why.

We realize the more people around the table, the better it could be.

We spent about a year building lands and having a foundation.

March of 2011. networking and sharing best practices and learning about new green products and technologies.

The take away is inspirational and measurable.

What are the things that you are learning here that are applicable nationwide or worldwide?

So many things.

The first is loving the hard numbers.

I'm a finance person.

When i see not just cost savings, but profits for revenue , it makes a compelling business case for what greening sports is doing.

You can change a lightbulb and get a payback in a year.

You can change a fixture in 3-5 years.

You can put on solar panels.

There's a whole variety of opportunities there.

In seattle, it is crazy.

It is expensive.

It feeds into the bottom line.

Last year, we saved money through a recycling program.

We are generating six figures in sponsorship around our zero waste initiative.

Owners are investing in things that they believe is the right thing.

Fans appreciate their work.

How do you give businesses sustainability to sports owners?

Luckily we have great examples.

Saving $3 million.

A lot of numbers and data out air.

The green sports alliance also celebrate leaders in the movement.

The group honored the owner of the philadelphia eagles.

The eagles were the first professional sports organization to implement environmental strategy.

I spoke with her stena -- christina lurie.

When go green started 10 years ago when he opened the doors to the new stadium, we really wanted to become leaders in the sports industry in terms of how to leave a footprint?

How to be carbon neutral?

When we first started, all we had were these blue recycling bins under our desks.

That was it.

Little by little thomas step-by- step, and we went to leaders and industry to figure out what to do.

We are proud at what we have turned into.

The go green sports alliance is a best actresses conduit -- practices conduit.

Give us examples of concepts or things that can be adopted nationwide.

Energy conservation and recycling are two issues to replicate.

Green sports alliance come as you mentioned, best practices comment many organizations do not have the wherewithal and the capability that we at the eagles have.

The green sports alliance helps make it possible.

A how to do this.

It is helpful.

You are a prolific storyteller.

You have the lead over the -- congratulations.

Thank you.

Telling stories through film and stories is important.

As the process of the platform similar to this film business?

Give us your perception.

In film and sports, you what a great product.

In terms of story telling, there's no better product than great people getting on the field.

No but a product and a great documentary -- no better product than a great documentary.

Being cognizant of what audience in the movie theaters or at home want to see.

That is important.

Moving forward, constantly -- technology is constantly changing.

Make sure your fans are getting the best possible product.

In 2012, the eagles parted with a company to install wind and solar panels.

The project would generate six times the power it uses at its home games and ensures the stadium's electrical costs will remain stable and predictable for years to come, even if the price electricity fluctuates.

Coming up, i sit down with mike richter, hockey legend who makes a living making deals like these.

What is surprising to me is how inefficient a lot of businesses are.

They do not think in terms of whether the radiator is efficient or not.

More on the greening of sports as "sportfolio" rolls on.

? welcome back to "sportfolio." many star athletes have a difficult time adjusting to real life and finding meaningful work after their careers are done.

That's hasn't been a problem for michael richter.

He's convinced that athletes can be a force for greening the world.

I think it was a magazine that came out with the greenest athletes.

People here, green athletes?

It is an oxymoron.

They get on a jet and fly back.

If you could be that platform, social platform to push for change, matters.

Since wrapping up his nhl career, he has been doing things that matter.

Earning a degree from yale and concentrates in environmental policy.

He worked at a firm that provides financing to the environment will -- environmental -- basically we act as a bank.

We could all walk and take priuses.

These buildings are leaking a lot of energy, a lot of money.

What we are trying to say is there is technology out there.

Any hurdle we see is capital.

Boilers, solar panels -- two different capital costs.

It is a simple model.

As you analyze what gets in clue did, is there is a premium that you put on?

If you're talking environment efficiency, which is surprising to me is how inefficient a lot of businesses are.

They do not think in terms of whether the radiator is efficient or not.

If i can get something that is 30% more efficient, it is a good idea.

I do not even consider , our company does not consider these projects unless there is a true return on investment for believe -- for both me and the facilities.

The green policy, is this green sports alliance helping bridge the gap?

You have individual owners that might have that value system.

Their story is powerful.

We put the solar panels on.

We will save money.

Look at the eagles.

Trail blazers.

Good example.

There are other examples.

That is top down.

Is it getting to the point where more people have the reason to do it?

I think so.

Top-down is great if you have the capital.

We think of ourselves as a bank.

We loves sports facilities.

Sports facilities have two things going for them.


Two , marketing and sponsorship.

If you bring your son to the local bowling alley or the hockey rink and you see solar panels on their, that is a statement.

If you go to madison square garden and their they are, a conversation is happening.

I think you can get a lot more mileage per unit of effort.

How long does it take for this to spread down to every pop owner and school in the country?

This first wave of retrofits and awareness is just that, the first wave.

The next is the carbon negative.

Everyone will keep moving along.

I hope it will retain you.

You're watching a game.

Pretty intense.

Red light goes on.

I think it should be an l ed light.

[laughter] 25 professional sports stadiums have received leed certification.

Leadership in energy and environmental design.

Can you answer our sportfolio stumper and in the first row sports stadium to open with the leed certification?

The answer when we come back on "sportfolio." ? here is the answer to our stumper.

National park in washington, d.c. it was awarded the leed silver when it opened in march 2000 and eight.

Playing a key role in the city that has used force to restore economic growth and civic spirit after hurricane katrina.

In louisiana, the mission is not to rebuild indiscriminately, but to reserve the wildlife and wetlands and have a sustainable economic turnaround.

Explain how and why family sports businesses are going green.

The superdome post katrina the store the entire building.

This is dramatic for the bottom line and very effective.

In terms of revenue saving, that is very industrial.

We deftly have sponsors that are really engaged.

-- definitely have sponsors that are really engaged.

There's a lot we are doing with the rebranding of the nba team.

The last time i looked, cannot jump very well.

They have this big couch.

The decision to rename the team is not based on an object of the basketball court.

I beg to differ.

It depends.

If it is the brown pelican, they are aggressive.

If it is white, they tend to attack impacts.

-- in packs.

It was something that was symbolic of the entire area.

There is a french influence.

The state bird is our public and.

-- pielican.

There was an oil spill.

It was a reinforcement of the endangered species.

They are being threatened again.

Oil and gas is still a big part of our economy.

It is making sure that we can coexist we protect ourselves.

That is what the birds are like.

They are loyal and can be very fierce.

Rebuilding the city and the super bowl and -- superdome, this has become a second chance.


New orleans is all about best practices.

We are a leading state.

One of the things we plan to export is how we are developing water conservation and water treatment.

History's that we have to deal with -- it can be of benefit to the community globally.

It is exciting.

Ready to connect and see what we can do.

Through banding the pelican, there are things that can be done.

We have government legislation to support.

What is the big core concept?

We had to collaborate with the story.

There are certain people that will tune out for different reasons.

Sometimes it is this issue is too large.

With sports, we can make it something that is interesting and fun for the fans to engage upon.

These stories and the people , it has got camaraderie of the whole industry.

It is how -- and 2014, levi stadium is expected to become the first new nfl stadium to open with leed certification.

Still to come, when investor tells me why he put his money and influence behind a green sports product and how what you wear can help save the planet.

The real key is to prove the plastic we are using is from recycled bottles.

Get "sportfolio" wherever you go on the bloomberg tv plus ipad app for the ipad.

? welcome back to "sportfolio." one of the most respected and established figures in the world of sports businesses.

When we learned that he is chairman of a new company that manufactures merchandise using recycled material, we were intrigued.

Welcome to "sportfolio." thank you for being here.

Thank you for having me back.

Give us the elevator speech on your company.

Collecting plastic bottles and recycling them and turning them into material and clothing.

It is a complete cycle from pickup to delivery.

The company is called when you and your client list is pretty significant.

Tell us about that.

The america's cup is very committed to that environment.

The majority of the merchandise they are selling will be recycled bottles.

The real key is to prove the plastic we are using is from recycled bottles and not just other plastics.

We work with colleges and a number of others, such as delta employee.

Short sleeve shirts are made from recycled bottles.

The real trick is to convince people.

Show it to us.

Here is a semi-fleece jacket.

It is saw.

That is amazing.

This is from 15 or 16 bottles.

It is made into frayed material.

Here's a t-shirt that is slightly different material.

Combined with cotton or spandex and other things.

You can feel it.

Feels just like cotton.

It feels better than cotton, but that is another issue.

[laughter] given the business dynamic of scalability.

Could it become a big company?

I hope so.

We are a little bit behind switzerland and germany and others.

The subprime -- they separate out -- you see more separation at the collection site.

Great company and great idea.

Thank you.

That would do it for this edition of "sportfolio." thank you to michael richter, christina lurie, and dr.


Thank you for giving us a look inside the green sports summit.

You can find more "sportfolio" video and more coverage of the sports business and the environment at our website,

I'm rick horrow.

Thank you for watching.

See you next time.


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