The Little-Known Car Company Outperforming Tesla

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Alix Steel reports on the stock performance of Great Wall Motor Co. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Something you might not met -- might not have thought of, china and its suv's. the white line is china's largest suv manufacturer, which has jumped over 700%, beating out tesla's gain.

This recent divergence you have seen where great wall has outperformed tesla comes after three fires in tesla's model s cars and the threat of a recall.

Great wall has been helped by the perfect mix -- surging sales.

Suv sales jumped 73% in october.

And low cost.

It has the widest operating buffet margins among all -- profit margins among all listed carmakers last year.

At one point, elon musk himself said tesla's stock might be overvalued.

What do analysts say about great wall?

That there might actually be more room to the upside.

The consensus of recommendations show the great wall has more positive ratings than tesla, despite the fact that great wall has rallied 9000% since its 2008 low.

One group says the rally has been pretty steady versus tesla's flashier one.

Great wall will also be helped by strong suv sales in china as officials switch from foreign luxury cars.

China's cabinet is pushing officials to buy more domestic, another boon for great wall.

The other thing that is going to help the -- suvs are just cheaper.

Great wall's suv is just over $20,000. the rally has made suv -- great wall's richest suv -- richest ceo.

We are just a few minutes away from the opening bell.

We have the top 10 trades.

You won't want to miss it.

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