Grain Giants Jump on Big Business of Gluten-Free

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Matthew Boyle examines the rapidly growing industry of gluten-free products. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


Are bloomberg news consumer reporter is here to share the details.

Gluten-free has become this phenomenon.

If you're a celiac or diagnosed, you are a very small minority.

That there is a large number of people who are self diagnosing let's say, there's a broader section that must avoid gluten periods are people saying they're gluten sensitive.

A lot of people are doing this to feel better, to lose weight trade others are doing it just as a neighbor is doing it or miley cyrus and victoria beckham are doing it.

There's a whole host of reason my people are jumping on this bandwagon.

My wife is a celiac.

When i met her the offering was limited.

These days you walked on the isles at tesco's or sainsbury's, there are shells full of these products.

The u.s. is the biggest market for gluten-free products so far.

This is going to grow to 6.5 billion and a couple of years.

Worldwide over 10 billion.

This is big trade all the supermarkets and retailers and food companies have gotten behind his as well.

What prompted me to do the story, i was asking myself for the food companies going to defend gluten?

Because it is approaching.

If you don't have select diseases not going to hurt you.

The grain companies, the makers of's and bread and cereal, instead of defending gluten, they're just jumping on the bandwagon as well.

They're letting their industry associations do the dirty work of counting the claims in best- selling books like we'd belly for example.

What are the margins like?

You do have to spend more to make gluten-free bread.

One guy told me regular bread has about seven ingredients in gluten-free bread has 25. and that to make it a separate plant because you cannot combing of ingredients or us he could have a disaster for celiac.

The cost to produce this bread is higher, but the prices sell this bread for, they sell their gluten-free bread over three times as much per kilogram.

Does is have legs?

This is a big question.

Is it a fad or a trend.

I believe it is a trend with faddish elements to it.

You're going to see a lasting impact of course.

But it going to see one of three people saying their gluten-free or they are avoiding gluten?

That will certainly die down.

As with any dietary trend there's always going to be lasting impact.

Fascinating story, matthew.

Coming up, you have herd of formula one racing, what about formula e? is a new challenger to the new high-speed sport.

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