Grading Samsung Galaxy Gear on Technology, Fashion

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Ben Smith, head of mobile at Tribal Group and Francesca Rosella, chief creative director at Cutecircuit, examine the technology behind Samsung Galaxy Gear and whether the buzz over the smartwatch will last as companies move further into wearable technology. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

How impressive is this as a tech device?

If you purely look at the technology that you put on the wrist, camera, microphone, screen, memory, in purely technical perspectives it's reasonably impressive but it only gives about 25 hours' typical use.

You're going to need to put it in a special charger as well.

But it's clear that lots of phones believe in this.

We're talking about the samsung today but three smart watches were announced today.

Qualcom and sony also announced that they were updating their own smart watch as well.

So they're going all in.

And the tech is ma touring but it's whether or not it can make a product that consumers would enjoy using.

And be seen wearing.

Aside from the gadget geeks, are people really going to wear this?

Is this cool enough to have on your wrist?

What kind of a statement does it make about you if you were to wear it on your wrist?

Once you make the statement, i'm not sure if it's made out of silicon or plastic that meets the requirements.

So i'm not sure that the smart watch is is the way to work especially since it is an accessory for your smart phone.

And you still need to connect it to your smart phone.

Is there a way of making it work?

People are i want rested in the wearable tech.

The ability to communicate that comes with it.

There's all kinds of option, security.

There's all kinds of uses for this.

How do i turn it into something that kind of fits into everything else i wear?

I think that they're making wearable technology to wearable garments.

So you are just going to wear your clothes and the textiles will be smart.

So there's a metaphor.

It's an object that we're moving away from because we're moving to the smart phone and watches are something of the past.

So moving away from and looking to the future.

I don't think there's room for something that just goes on your wrist.

It can go anywhere presumably, and that's something they're going to have to work on.

What has been successful so far is the sports line.


And when you're looking at smart devices you need to understand that there are two broad types of device.

Although many products combine them they all have strength in one.

It's either input or output.

So there are lots of health tracking products.

It records the exercise and helps you.

But the reason this is useful it has sensors in it that the smart phone doesn't and augments your smart phone experience by making it more powerful, also perhaps a little more resistant to sweat and dirt.

Samsung's gear product is mostly titled around presenting information and alerts and that's a much harder case to make.

Because if you have a smart phone in your pocket.

Where smart devices will succeed is when they support fashion and when they augment something that already exists.

But here's tint resting thing.

Sports fashion, like nike all these guys, very successful in making the crossover between sports gear and fashion gear.

Are they going about it the wrong way?

Should they come at it not the gadget angling but the sports angle?

This is a cool trainer?

Maybe they're thinking about it wrong.

I think that they're thinking about all sorts of the user scenario.

They're thinking about someone like probably the person that designed this is maybe geeky, not in a good way.

I'm sorry.

So i really want something super gadgetty that makes me look like inspector gadget.

It's a really awkward thing to do.

Nike is coming at it from a sports angle so something that's going to enhance your experience.

So that's what people want.

I think that's why they're more successful.

Even if people get bored.

So you can shake your wrist and you see 3,000 steps today.

So i think its needs development there but it's a bet enterface and communication because you can connect with other users and see what you're doing compared to someone else.

So there is that social aspect that i think is the winning aspect in wearable technology to connect people.

Watches have gotten bigger.

Are -- is this gadget excluding essentially 50% of the population?

I wouldn't wear it.

I think it's excluding a great deal more because bear in mind you need to spend probably $300 on the watch and more on the smart phone.

The cost of the device and it will be obsolete soons the smart phone is obsolete as well so if you choose a nonsamsung smart phone, that's going to be useless to you.

Clearly fashion will play a big part.

I think the other factor is why does samsung think people will buy this?

These items or fashion, you can explain in one sentence why they're good.

Why is a smart watch useful to people?

Haven't even talked about glasses.

We have to leave it there.

Thank you very much.

Time beats us.


still to come we'll have more from europe's largest consumer electronic's show.

Talking to the ceo from dyson.

In light of the big unveiling so far we'll talk to him about reinventing products.

They de-design and redesign products.

Stay tuned.

It's coming up here.

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